Road Trip: Week 2

The maiden voyage with The Bobbseys continues. Originally Facebook updates of a three week tour down to Southern California and back, Week 2 posts are little more sparse upon the return to SoCal, foregoing the bright lights and wild nights of Las Vegas for quality time spent with the family.

Day 8

Started the day off at The Ultimate Fighter workout, but soon fled the scorching heat of Sin City for… 29 Palms, CA!? (See attached) Before you judge my trip planning IQ you should know two things. 1) I’m here to visit my two favorite humans on the entire planet, my grandparents, and 2) The rest of my family is considering a visit to Mohave Valley on the Colorado River, where it’ll be a brisk 126°

Day 9

Not many would count the desolate sands of Twentynine Palms, California among their happiest places. I give you exhibits E & B: Ed & Betty Salvini.

Day 11

Ridiculously expensive camera with all the super fancy bells and whistles: $1100. Capturing precious moments with the people you love most: Priceless.

Day 13

Gourmet s’mores, freaked out cats & impromptu Gangnam Style sessions? Just another Wednesday in our family.

Day 14

Face painting, fireworks & family… made for one hell of a Fourth!

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  1. Paul's Mom says:

    Way to go, Kenny. Looking good!

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