Road Trip: Week 1

The maiden voyage with The Bobbseys begins. Originally Facebook updates of a three week tour down to Southern California and back, Week 1 covers the trip down to San Diego to visit old friends before an impromptu rendezvous with some teammates in the City of Sin led to my brief appearance on The Ultimate Fighter.

Day 1

Despite MULTIPLE attempts by Alicia to persuade me to pick up hitchhikers, we made it to Medford, OR, without any unwanted guests. Unless you count the full-size truck mudflap Amanda managed to run over & drag for 100 feet or so. Luckily, the Silver Bullet came away unscathed.

Road Trip: Day 2

Today started off with a jolt, literally, when Amanda dropped my electric razor in the toilet. 13 hours of fairly uneventful driving brought us to The Lafayette Hotel & Swim Club in San Diego, only to find the parking situation a bit cumbersome, and the “ADA suite” slightly less than accessible. Luckily not all was lost: the Bobbsey Twins scored bunkbeds AND their very own chalkboard in the spare room. Hopefully tomorrow brings wider bathroom doorways somewhere else!

Road Trip: Day 3

While searching for more accessible digs, the concierge at one hotel asked if we wanted a room for two adults and one child… Amanda did not appreciate it. Finally settled in at Pacific Beach in time to meet up with one of my very best friends from elementary/middle/high school. Not five minutes after, Gus, a C2 quad of 16 years, and his family rolled up asking about my water bottle set up… luckily I had an extra one of the van. Just another awesome day in my surreal life.

Road Trip: Day 4

Got to spend time with a couple of my old wakeboarding pals and their three amazing kids this afternoon. All in all, it was a pretty chill, uneventful day… until we noticed the sign posted in the window of our hotel.

Road Trip: Day 5

Explored Ocean Beach & Point Loma extensively today. Almost got hit in the face by a fish when it’s angler yanked him over the OB pier. Lucky for both of us, I don’t like sushi. Spent the afternoon at the skate park watching my buddy’s 9-year-old tear the place apart. Crazy to think that I was about his age when I met his dad & uncle… two crazy surfer/skater punks who had a HUGE impact on my life. So cool to watch the next generation carry the torch… even if it is literally through my van.

Road Trip: Day 6

We were somewhere near Barstow, in the middle of the desert, when the cargo box atop the minivan began to break open… No trip to Vegas can start without a little bit of chaos, am I right? Thankfully, all items were salvaged & we made it to the strip, met up with one of my old college roomies for little fun on the town. Hell, I even threw $20 at one of those horribly rigged slot machines my wife loved so well. And then I won. I can feel her gloating from the afterlife. Such a sore winner.

Road Trip: Day 7

Just had the Vegas experience many people WISH they could have — had some Chinese, took the Twins roller coastering & to Coyote Ugly, and met up with some CWU wrestling alum. No big deal, right? Oh yeah, also stopped by the Ultimate Fighter house. What’s the first rule of Fight Club? Nondisclosure agreement and everything. What a week.

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