Road Trip: Week 3

The maiden voyage with The Bobbseys continues. Originally Facebook updates of a three week tour down to Southern California and back, Week 3 updates track our trip home up the US 101, with plenty of surreal experiences, pitstops to see old friends, and a poignant opportunity for reflection on the final stop.

Day 15

Doin’ the tourist thing like a boss.

Day 16

Spent the day with an amazing couple of people; one I’ve known have my life, the other I’ve only met twice but instantly feels like an old friend as well. Thanks Scott & Kristy for a great day on the beach!

Day 17

Between Venice Beach and Hollywood Boulevard, we damn near overdosed on touristy excess. Highlight of the day would definitely have to go to my new friend Jose, a T3 para of 15 years, and his service pony. Yeah, you read that right… a SERVICE PONY.

Day 18

Daytrip through Malibu to meet an old friend’s new addition, then back to Santa Monica for dinner with Kristen’s cousin who I had never met. Great day. Awesome night. Back on the road tomorrow.

Day 19

A slightly ironic trip to Starbucks with an ex-Seattlite came in handy when our little jaunt up the PHC went a little sideways in the foggy, forested hills of Big Sur.

Day 20

Fifteen hours on the 101 took us from Monterey, CA to Coos Bay, OR for our final night in a hotel. One final day on the road left & I get to see the Not-So-Service Puppy.

Day 21

We saved the best day of the trip for last. Explored the Oregon coast thoroughly before a beautifully bittersweet visit to the site where Kristen & I eloped 22 months ago. The forecast called for cloudy skies, yet there were almost none when we arrived. Just like the last time we were there, she rode down & back in my lap. Finally arrived home to a super happy puppy. I am physically & emotionally drained, but eternally grateful for what turned out to be a magical three-week experience.

Hugs & LOVE to all who participated in making it so… and huge, huge, HUGE thanks go to my caregivers, Alicia & Amanda, not just for putting up with my incessant passenger-seat-driving & other idiosyncratic bullshit, but, most of all, for being my hands, my feet, & my virtual paparazzi throughout this journey. I’m still amazed we didn’t manage to kill each other.

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