Triplog Day 11: Mission Accomplished?

IMG_2395At long last, we are finally home. It’s hard to wrap your head around any road trip a few short hours after it’s concluded, let alone one this short yet somehow so packed with drama. Let’s just say it’s that educational at the very least. Yes, I hit every destination I’d planned to, and was able to see more people than seemed possible given everything that went wrong, but I think it’s time to retire Road Mode and replace it with a little extra planning.

Once again, I’ve learned that I am more resilient than I think, but not without tremendous help. I’ve got an incredible team and an amazing girlfriend, and this trip pushed them about as far as I could ever imagine – physically, emotionally, spiritually, you name it. The fact that they didn’t toss me out on the rocks of the Grand Canyon for the vultures and part out my chair and van for easy money is a testament to their patience and grace.

I’m sure after some real rest in my own bed I’ll be a little more able to look at the trip for what it truly was, but right now I’m just beat.

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  1. Paul's mom says:

    Glad you all made it home safely. I don’t know how much more excitement I could take!

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