For my grandfather

More Than Eyes

They always told me
that my eyes came from you.
I will readily argue
that I got so much more.

I say I got your humor.
Dry at times, sarcastic most,
we both have the ability
to bring laughter to all we meet.

I say I got your looks.
I mean, come on,
couple of handsome devils here!
Always a success with the ladies.

I say I got your heart.
An unmatched love
for friends, family, and all.
We love, and people take notice.

I say I got your strength.
A resilient man who never gives up.
With you as my inspiration,
I know I will get better soon.

I may not have your last name,
but I got everything else.
The man that I look up to
gave me so much more than eyes.

In loving memory of John McDonald
November 24, 1924 – October 2, 2005

26 thoughts on “For my grandfather”

  1. You are quite a hotty and an amazing person. Please know the address to your space is the first one I made note of on my own. My space isn\’t as comprehensive as yours. I\’ve only scratched the surface here so I\’ll be back.Keep it real,Jennifer

  2. wel koool .. i likethe way u have written .. i even write , u know wat mayb ee all the ppl who are sick .. feelin down and are depressed write so well .. because l lthe blogs that have impressed me are those whose writers have some disorder .. no hard feelings.. i am also a disabled person .. sp i know ur pain 😦 left alone just as u were .. but im too young well God bless you

  3. You\’re a good poet as well. Good job. I may write a Blog too some time. I personally didn\’t think anyone would read it though. I\’ve tried to get used to a dictation program such as you use (like Dragon) but i never really could make it work very well for me. I\’d end up \’talking\’ whatever i was \’writing\’ several times, with plenty of "Scratch that…" commands. I use a mouthstick. It took forever to get any speed but i can type around 40wpm now. Not that\’s \’speed\’… but it seems to get the job done.keith

  4. Nice poem …we are that our family are … In this case Kenny you have a big heart .. and you have a lot of things with share with people …Continue writting … Zare

  5. That was an amazing poem, it\’s nice to know that people still care about family that much, and not even like mom/dad/sibling family. You don\’t see that so much anymore. When you wrote about your mom, too, that was so nice. I love my family to death, but none of my friends seem to care so much. Even though I\’ve never met you, and probably never will, reading your blog has been sincerely touching and I will be coming back here for much advice that I know I will need in the future. Thank you.~Kaila Darling~

  6. You are a wordsmith, an artist painting on a virtual canvas for the planet to read. My art is pottery…I need help with the words.Who do I turn to? Dare I say it? Barry Manilow. The song "I am Your Child" is what my Grandfather and Father gave to me and what I needed them to know. Check it out. If you are sentimental, it will make you cry. It did me….or maybe it was the PMS.It is a wonderful song. If you can\’t find it, let me know.

  7. I loved my grandpa so so much. It\’s been 11 years since he passed and I miss him every day. Wonderful poem. Thank you.

  8. I just how you put on your space that you were in an accident and I became sad. I could only imagine how that would be…I just want to say God bless you and you seem like a cool guy!1 luv I will be coming back more often this one out of all of them touched my heart

  9. I saw that you added to your list of those you look up to…I remember this poem about your grandfather. I\’m so sorry you lost him this year. Kelly

  10. My papa (my grandaddy) died when I was 10. I\’m 25 now and I still miss him. I really wish he was still here. I\’m sorry that you lost your grandfather, but it\’s so cool that y\’all had what appears to have been a great relationship. I\’ll be praying for you and your family. That poem is a downright excellent tribute. Please keep writing.peace, love and applejuice- Kayonne

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