Yet Another Birthday Girl!

I’ve said not once, but twice now – I have the coolest nieces an uncle could ask for. While I’ve got a special bond with each of them, this fiery fellow Aries and I almost got to share a birthday but was too excited to join the party and showed up a couple days early….

Celebrating Another Birthday Girl!

I’ve said before that I have the most incredible three nieces on the planet. All three are unique and I have a special relationship with each of them. This one inherited her dad’s blue eyes, which also match mine, making us both the only light eyed kids in our respective families. She was born Abigail May….

Special Day for a Special Girl!

Everyone knows I have the three most awesome nieces on the planet who are loved (and spoiled) equally by their Uncle. But I have an extra bond with one of them because she’s the only one I got to hold, walk with and be a proper bad influence on. Her name is Alexandra, but you…