We have a secret…

It’d been almost 5 years since four little words of Claire’s stopped me in my tracks. This time it only took two: “I’m pregnant.”

Though it wasn’t exactly a surprise, hearing those words out loud still made the room spin. We’d been on a 16-month emotional roller coaster with multiple surgeries for both of us and enough needles and hormones to win the Kentucky Derby three times over, so the home pregnancy test we took the night before didn’t push us past cautious optimism when the little pink line showed up.

But when she called the next morning from the clinic with the blood test results, it finally sank in. This is really happening… I’m going to be a father.  Just writing those words for the first time got me a little woozy all over again. The ups and downs of the in vitro process itself was a master class in expectation management, but I still have no idea what this is going to look like. Thankfully, this kid is going to be surrounded by a whole tribe of support, starting with her incredible mother. 

Yes, you read that right. We are having a girl!

Stay tuned for more updates.…

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  1. ANNE FERARI says:


    1. Judy Umentum says:

      I’m so thrilled for the both of you, congratulations!!

    2. Thanks, Aunt Anne and uncle Bob! Hugs & LOVE!

  2. smileygirltoo says:

    How exciting!! Your family adventure continues!

  3. Mark Van Antwerp says:

    Congratulations Kenny and Claire. This is great news I can’t wait to meet your new daughter. Love you both

    1. Thanks, Mark! We love you too!

  4. Yayyyyy it’s a girl!!!!! Congratulations guys.
    The Hoyles

    1. Can’t wait for you to style her up, Fri!

  5. Sue & Dan Bridges says:

    I’m so excited for you guys !!! Your precious baby girl will be beautiful like you two! What a blessing!!

  6. Buzzie & Bob says:

    Kenny & Claire

    You two are the best. This is the best of all news. She will be so loved. I can’t wait.
    Leslie called and said do you know what? I told her that I knew for a long long time.
    Take care you two. There will be so much more good little surprises coming up. Have you felt that little girl moving?

    Love 💕 you guys

  7. Debbie jankanish says:

    So awesome! You both will be amazing parents!

  8. Carla West-Moser says:

    So super excited for you two!!!
    Congratulations 🌸💖💖💖

  9. citori says:

    Thanks for sending this Kenny, and heartfelt congratulations to you and Claire and the peanut.

    Much love,


    Sent from iPad using 100% recycled electrons


  10. Paul's mom says:

    Congratulations to Kenny & Claire. What a wonderful surprise for you and your family! Sending best wishes to all.

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