When in Rome

Maybe it was the lack of chaos that made everything feel so simple or perhaps we’d soaked in just enough of the whole atmosphere over the last couple years by osmosis. Either way it was a little surprising how easily we seemed to slip into advocacy mode today.

Much of of the morning and afternoon were spent neck-deep in congressional policy ranging from complex rehab technology and Veterans Affairs to the various bills concerning air carrier accessibility. It was a little surreal to find myself on stage sharing my extensive experience about the latter in front of more than 100 advocates from all over the country before introducing a panel of experts to discuss the subject at length.

We spent the evening strolling down Embassy Row with Claire’s childhood friend and soccer teammate, Kirsten, and her friend Teddy. The pair are getting their master’s in advanced international studies at Johns Hopkins University, so we got to pick their brains about their dissertations on post-Cold War conflicts over burgers and beers.

If you’d have told me this would be a normal day in my life even two years ago, I would’ve had to spend half a day at the library just to figure out what the hell it all meant. What a fun day. Off to the Capitol in the morning.

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  1. Anne says:


  2. Paul's Mom says:

    Good to hear from you again, Kenny. Take care and please say hello to your Mom for me.

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