… And eating it, too.

I spent the last couple of days trying to come up with something earth shattering to commemorate the ninth  anniversary of my accident. Hours were spent agonizing over mixed metaphors, word choice and tone. Then my night caregiver showed up for her shift with this:

This takes the cake.

Yep, that’s a cake reenactment of the 40 foot fall I took nine years ago tonight. I just can’t compete with that. But when she told me it might not taste the greatest because the hill was basically all frosting, I told her not to worry — regardless of its quality, it’s guaranteed to suck less than the last time I “bit it” on a mountain! Hey, if we don’t find humor in our predicaments, we will never survive.

Thanks to everyone who has taken this journey with me…I couldn’t have done it without you.

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  1. Paul's mom says:

    Hi, Kenny. You look great . . . love the beard. You have some crazy people there. Bless their wicked sense of humor.

    1. You know how it goes, we have to be able to laugh. Sending love and good thoughts YOUR way.

  2. Laura says:

    That’s awesome! Here’s to 9 more years!

  3. Molly Wood says:

    That caregiver is a keeper : ) Lookin’ good mister.

    1. Thanks, lady… We need to hang soon!

  4. Julie says:

    Hi Kenny- saw you on the news tonight. I must say it was a wonderful story. Thanks! You are truly an inspiration on how to live life. I admire that immensely. Decided to google u and here I am.

    1. Hi Julie… Thank you for the kind words. I was more than pleased with the way the story turned out… It was her spirit shining through.

  5. Jen shears says:

    I still can’t help but laugh when I see this- that’s quite a predicament chocolate you is in…. Love you!

    1. That’s nothing… A few minutes after we snapped the picture, I ate him. That’s probably bad voodoo doll juju, but I don’t care, I was delicious!

      1. Jen shears says:

        Bwahahaha!!!! You is no doubt delicious!

  6. jane says:

    If I had 10 hats I’d take each & every one of them off to you.

  7. Andy Foss says:

    Hi Kenny, I know how you feel when my brother says God isn’t through with you yet. I simply find it amazing the number of “God Shots” tied to September 7, 2012 for me.

    1.) Vladimir knows my son Ben and going to meet up with Alex who is one of Ben’s good friend asked the name of the man on the purple bike who crashed on the way to Friday Night Al-Anon meeting and then called my older son to tell him I was in a wreck and then call my younger son and to picked him up and then take him up to St. Francis and then to Harborview Hospital.
    2.) First firefighter on the scene was Battalion Chief Dave Mataftin of Station 62 who was a resident in Des Moines Station 26 some 23 years earlier back when I was a volunteer firefighter.
    3.) They pulled me off the guardrail when I was not breathing and I began to aspirate.
    4.) Medic unit responding had equipment to deal with atrial fibrillation and ventilator for breathing.
    5.) Made it to Harborview with Red Team in place to handle 34 broken bones 4 of which were vertebrae (spinal cord injury), my right femur hardest bone in body to break (way to go Andy leaks marrow into blood stream which causes fat in marrow to travel to brain now has titanium rod screwed in to repair may have to work harder to bend titanium), pelvis broken and repaired with more titanium in the form of a good size screw going horizontal across pelvis, tibia & fibia broken and screwed back together, 3 bones broken left arm screwed back together, collar bone broken near sternum, 7 ribs broken, shoulders fractured and additional screw related to breaks in foot on one side. 10 hours of surgery by Red Team with total of 4 surgeries performed.
    6.) Atrial fibrillation comes in handy for Andy again at Harborview Hospital another shocking experience put to good use.
    7.) My older son came up and signed for surgeries and did a good job of interacting with doctors regarding procedures to be used along with possible effects and or additional options which may be necessary.
    8.) Former wife of 21 years came up to be with me and the boys at Harborview.
    9.) Friend transferred from UW Rehab to Harborview and came down to visit me on her breaks. Wow what a Quinkydink that was!
    10.) Family and friends came to visit and support me from the get go.
    11.) Kenny was there the first time I rolled over in rehab and then pulled legs up on therapy table!

    Thanks for love and support provided by you on multiple occasions and calm guidance provided with sweet shakes and permission to throw your name around at UW appointments! ; )

    1. I’ve said it 1 million times… People in chairs are hard to kill. Glad you’re a survivor just like me, buddy!

  8. Are those edible trees? Frickin’ awesome! Nom, nom, nom….

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