Because everyone else has one… and I want to be COOL!

1.  I had a brown guinea pig named Turd Ferguson in college named after my favorite SNL Celebrity Jeopardy skit of all time.

2.  When I was in eighth grade, I landed TWO supporting roles in the final play of the year for my drama class: a belligerent cowboy in the hospital, and a senile old man in a wheelchair.  I shit you not.  Talk about some serious foreshadowing…

3.  I was homecoming king in high school, but they didn’t let me keep Imperial Butter crown.  All they gave me was a stupid keychain that said "homecoming court" on it.  I’m still bitter about it. 

4.  I think it’s funny as hell when my mom swears.  My sister concurs.

5.  I am a bona fide movie geek, and find it completely justifiable to judge people, especially friends, based both on their taste in film, and their ability to quote with accuracy and vigor.  I’m that guy that actually watches the commentaries on the DVDs, and I’ve also been known to waste way too much of my time on

6.  That being said, I have a theory as to why Mel Gibson and Tom Cruise has become the cinematic equivalents of Michael Jackson, and it’s much simpler than you would think.  Everyone wants to point the finger at their radical religious beliefs and monstrous bank accounts, but is it really a coincidence that BOTH of them have played characters named "Maverick" in movies?  I don’t think so. 

7.  My favorite food group is bacon.

8.  I have a major fear of breaking/tearing fingernails.  The mere thought almost makes me want to throw up.  And even though I can’t even feel them anymore, I can’t watch when someone clips mine. 

9.  Four and a half years ago, I laid a vicious beat down on Mandy Morgen in a game of Monopoly.  Rolled doubles a few times, landed on Park Place, bought it, landed on Community Chest, was told to go to Boardwalk, bought it, threw down a few houses, she landed on them two laps in a row… and in a matter of 15 minutes, that was that.  It was a thing of beauty.

10.  I had LASIK surgery on my eyes right after graduating college.  My vision went from 20/400 to 20/15 in an instant, and it made me feel like freakin Superman.  It also pretty much convinced me that aliens do exist because, where else would somebody get the idea for that procedure?  They had to have been abducted.

11.  My first car was a Mars Red (a.k.a. orange as hell) 1981 Volkswagen Scirocco dubbed the "Orange Limo."  I got it when I was 15 years old, and drove it until six weeks before the accident, when I bought a pickup. 

12.  As a kid, I was addicted to the 1950s black-and-white sitcoms they played on Nick at Nite like "Mr. Ed," "Patty Duke," "The Donna Reed Show" and "Car 54, Where Are You?"

13.  I delivered pizza in college, and was often requested as "the cute one" on deliveries at night.  Every time I took one of those orders over the phone I would say, "okay, but you have to tip him extra, because he’s having a bad night."  Worked every time.

14.  This is about the time I stop reading everyone else’s lists, so I will leave you with my deep thought of the day: 

"Quadriplegia is to normal life what power outages are to camping: it would be really close to the same thing if you didn’t have to sit around, staring at all your damn appliances that don’t work."  — smalls

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  1. tressie says:

    Happy New Year Kenny.  Wishing you a wonderful year full of hope for you and your family.
    ps – i am sure you have heard this ad nauseum – but i showed your space and pics to my daughter, and she declared you to be "hot"  🙂

  2. tressie says:

    i really hate it when i end up writing two comments in a row, but as you can see, i do it often.  i was thinking about your #5 on here.  i have a very good friend who was a stay at home dad for a couple of yerars when his kids were babies.  he watch a ton of movies and had always been an afficionado.  Anyway, so after two years, his wife gets on his back (not literally) and says "get a damn job" and he decided to check out Disney and see if there was anything at all for him there, expecting the lowest level of course.  It turned out that they were blown away by his knowledge and opinions of the industry and film.  He had NO experience.  They hired him on the spot.  Now (+10 years) he\’s a producer at Disney – (Pirates and others)  amazing huh?  you just never know………..  🙂

  3. Danis Alycia! says:

    Hello, I read your page from time to time, and wanted to say Hello! You inspire me. Whether you want to be an inspiration or not! lol… keep writing ok? And I have a blog you can check out. Its  Happy New Year from Canada eh? hehe..
    take care!!
    Danis Alycia

  4. Patricia says:

    you rock. you really have talent to write. everytime I am here I just gotta smile at such a gift. happy new year. patti

  5. Ash says:

    Hello – I am with Windows Live Spaces and we would like to feature your space on our home page at some point.  Can you please email me so that we can discuss and get your consent if you are interested?  To contact me:  I have invited you to my friends list and IM list.  If you want to discuss this, please accept my invite and IM me.  I can give you my work email address via IM.
    AshleyWindows Live Spaces

  6. Susan says:

    Hey Kenny. It\’s been a while since I\’ve been by.. I hope you and your family had a marvelous Christmas and here\’s to a blessed New Year..

  7. elizabeth says:

    popped over from tressies.  just wanted to say hi and great space you have here.
    i\’ll be back to browse soon.
    love, beth.

  8. NJaney says:

    Aw man…are ya done with us?
    Figured I\’d leave a note as I bounce in here so much looking for new stuff.
    Hope all is well!

  9. Unknown says:

    brilliant. especially nos. 4, 10 and 11

  10. Greg says:

    Kenny stop by and say hey…
    Maybe we can talk?

  11. Heather says:

    I love STP.  Easily one of my favorite bands.  Why couldn\’t Scott Weiland keep his shit together?  Velvet Revolver just isn\’t the same.

  12. Alba says:

    Loved # 13!!!  That was genius!  LOL

  13. Here I am says:

    i didn\’t even know stone temple pilots covered pour some sugar on me…  and it won\’t play. – most likely operator error on my part.. (and this surprises WHO!???)

  14. Unknown says:

    Hi Kenny, Just wanted to stop by and say I\’m leaving blogland now to work on my on line counsleing forum full time. So heres a link, if you  or anyone you know, are in want or need of some low cost on line counseling, pleasure knowing you, hugs, Kat Soft Place to Fall, A Safe Place to Heal, A Great Place to Grow

  15. Aimee says:

    oh i so agree…i love bacon too…yummy!! 
    :o) smiles easy to give away they are free… :o) very contagious… :o) so pass one to anyone … :o) to people that you love… :o) and even to those you don\’t… :o) in no time the whole world will be smiling :o)

  16. Unknown says:

    We are so happy to have you join the NextStepsNW family.  We will do our best to give you the best workout possible!
    See you on Tuesdays and Thursdays!! Have a great day! Love your pictures, you remind me so much of my nephew and you do need to write a book!
    Exercise, Hope and Health for Paralysis

  17. viaja says:

    Hi Kenny,
    I wondered what KoKwel Indian meant in a recent post about an Island.. and now Michaelann\’s post confirmed what I thought… What a wonderful Lady, I hope I feel as many achievements in life as she already has, and thank God for Allan Northrup and the rest of the team starting a non-profit business for people in need… I\’m really excited if this is what you\’ve been busy doing and if it is, I\’m guessing we may not hear from you for a while?? maybe someone else could drop a line in for you to give us an update?  Thinking of you, best wishes always V.

  18. Unknown says:

    I hope you are right V. Kenny has a people who care about him. It would be nice to hear a line or two about what he is up, don\’t you think?

  19. viaja says:

    Yes Mike, I do 😉 … I was also curious about the essay and writing?? how that went? or is still going??? anyway, Time will tell if Mr.Salvini doesn\’t hehe…

  20. ashlee says:

    Hey howz it going? I love this its brilliant!! I am with you about the hole being a movie buff, I dont think there is not one film I havent seen and alot of people call me abit of a loser for it. Ooohh if you like horor at all all japanese films are awsome they are the best by far. Im sure you already know that though. Sorry I am babbling. Take care hunny Ash xx

  21. Unknown says:

    Hi Kenny.
    Great site. You remind me of my friend Jesse in many ways. Visit his site and drop him a line some time.

  22. Unknown says:

    Hi Kenny!  I had such a great day with you.  Thank you for visiting us here at Microsoft.  Come back soon!

  23. Mike says:

    Great meeting you today Kenny.  Please do get in touch if there\’s anything we on the Live Spaces team can do to help you tell your story!

  24. Unknown says:

       I just looked thru the pictures of your little "angels"….your nieces are adorable.  I don\’t know why I had missed seeing them before.  I hope you are doing well.  Your third anniversary is coming up soon.  Does it seem like 3 years or does it seem longer?  I love reading your writings….you are very talented.  Take care.  I will keep checking by to see if you have written something new.  If you have ran out of subjects, here\’s one I thought of…..your favorite Christmas as a kid!
    Hugs and Kisses,

  25. Brittany says:

    you are cool.

  26. John says:

    My favourite food group is cake, pizza and pepsi…

  27. Kelly says:

    Hi Kenny, I\’m in the Windows Live Spaces team in the UK, we love your space! Can we feature your space on our Spaces homepage? – Kelly

  28. BP says:

    I am wondering what you are cooking up now.  Have you finished, are you working on some more important writing, or are you trying to search for inspiration?  These are the questions.
    I find myself trying to make more meaningful entries, but simply settling for just putting something up on the screen. One of these days I will settle down and start trying to write more powerful things, but right now I\’m just not in the mood.

  29. Patricia says:

    Hey I\’m number 100 comment! that is insane!! Well just stopped by to see how you are and tell you that I hope all is going great…how is the book coming along? Best to ya, patti

  30. Heather says:

    Alright so you\’re cool.  What\’s next?

  31. Greg says:

    Out strollin\’…May this note find you well in your spirit and soul, Greg

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