A kind request

Just a quick note to anyone that is planning to visit me anytime soon.  Could you do me a favor next time you’re here?  Pet my damn dog, would ya?  I mean, seriously… she’s almost 17 years old, completely deaf and pretty much blind.  What’s worse, she’s riddled with arthritis, and my parents decided to put hardwood floors throughout the entire house this last summer.  It’s bad enough that she barely has enough strength to get up on carpet, now every time she wants a drink of water, it’s a friggin reproduction of Bambi on Ice.  And then to top it all off, her best friend doesn’t so much as lift a finger when she walks in the room anymore! That’s gotta be confusing as all hell, don’t you think?  I wonder what goes through her head. 

"I spend my whole life being the sweetest dog on the planet, sitting, staying, fetching, etc…. and this is how these bastards repay me?  The guy that used to play with me all the time, just sits around in that rolling chair all day, and they turned the downstairs into a god damn slip and slide!  Sure doesn’t make it any easier to get away from those littler weasels that always chase me around and pull my tail.  Oh well, at least they tend to drop food every now and then."  So yeah, next time you come by, show Tess some love, okay?  Good talk.

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  1. mtcutie says:

    Sucks doesn’t it?  Argh! 
    I just want to crawl into bed and fall into a coma until it’s all over.  Tomorrow is going to be really hard (The Heel n Wheel a thon day).  My whole family is going on without me.  I’m going to be home alone with the dog wondering how it’s all going.  I just handed my mom all the paperwork for the $$ that was donated via the internet; she’s hand delivering it for me. 
    You guys really came through for me… amazing job… of the $1260 I’d say 85% was all blog friends.  It’s that amazing? 
    ps. *waives hello to Davina* I’ll just waive hello to Davina from here if that’s alright with you two?

  2. Susan says:

    Hey Kenny!Hope you are having a great weekend.  Your pup is precious..Although from what I hear I wouldn\’t want to get to close to that breath.. lol.

  3. sabi says:

    I\’m here only to say hello!!
    it\’s long time since the last time i had time to read your blog! I\’m studing, it\’ s exams period!
    What is Rice-a-roni???i\’ve never heard about that!

  4. Vicky says:

    Hey Kenny! What a cute dog! Mine (Capo) is really old too and in the last few days he hasn\’t been eating much 😦 I think his time with us is getting to an end…It\’s so sad to see our friends deteriorate so much so fast.
    Anyways here\’s a little love for Tess…

  5. Here I am says:

    cute dog!  probably well behaved… when they don\’t hear much, they don\’t bark much – mine\’s 14. 
    he doesn\’t hear much either – wait a minute – maybe he\’s just ignoring me!?

  6. mtcutie says:

    Someone\’s getting the hang of their media player eh?
    Insomnia is a killer tonight… it\’s 3am over here and i\’m still up noticing song changes on other people\’s blogs… I need a life!

  7. Team says:

    ((((HUGS TESS)))
    You are truely loved!

  8. Jenny says:

    DUDE! Sorry…i\’m here at my Mom\’s getting some boxes they ever so politely told me they were going to take to the dump if I don\’t hurry up and get them. I thought i\’d be done earlier but i\’m still working on it. Lets do our thing Thursday!? Will that work? Call me. Love ya!

  9. Christopher says:

    Man it\’s so great to meet you! I was sent here by request of my best friend Manal (Drifting away).
    I shall be back!!

  10. Cláudia says:

    Kenny, I gotta tell you, I\’m on Tess\’s side: she better get some loving soon or I may have to proclaim a Tess strike!
    Really… Bambi on Ice?! Brilliant! Made me laugh out loud!
    Rock on!

  11. linda says:

    Tess reminds me of my dog Nugget. I named her Nugget after a cartoon dog from a show called Goldie Gold that no one seems to remember. It used to come on around the same time as Richie Rich.
    I loved that dog. I tear up even now just thinking about her. She was the best dog. She was all shiny black with brown eyes. She looked like a cross between a Golden Retriever (accept she was black) and a Cockerspaniel (I\’m positive I spelled that wrong).
    She died. She wasn\’t supposed to have anymore babies. My parents didn\’t get her fixed. I guess they thought she would never be outside the gate without us so they didn\’t have to worry about it. But she got out and she had babies. This happened a while ago so my memories may be faulty, but I remember watching her sometime after she had the babies and she wasn\’t acting right. I walked outside into the backyard and there was a trail of blood on the concrete. She trotted up to me and you could not help but to notice a pink looking sac potruding from her rear end. I was told that her womb had comb outside her body.
    I also remember that at some point we had her on heart worm medication. I don\’t remember if it was before or after that and which one of these things was what killed her. I just remember that we took her to the vet one day (we\’d had to take her a few times) and we ended up having to leave her there overnight. I remember waiting for the phone call from the vet to tell us how she was doing. The vet finally called and told us that it wasn\’t likely that she would make it through the night and asked us if we wanted to put her to sleep. My mom explained what that meant and I decided that I didn\’t want her to suffer and felt horrible that I couldn\’t be there with her, but I don\’t remember asking my mom if I could go be with her. I guess I was scared. I remember feeling scared.
    Anyway, she died. I have to say that she was probably the best friend I ever had.

  12. Vanessa says:

    Your dog is lovely!!  I have a cat who is feeling neglected right now too, and we sadly have to find a new home for her because we are both so busy we cannot give her the love she needs.  It is really hard on them so I appreciate your blog, and what a kind gesture to express to your pet.  I am sure Tess will receive a LOT of love thanks to you!  Ciao!

  13. Claire says:

    How can anyone NOT pat her..  she\’s beautiful.  Mind you, I am a sucker for dogs.  To reach that age too is amazing!!  Good luck to you and her. xx

  14. Heather says:

    Eeeh, you posted a pic of Tess.  Just as cute as I thought!  I could give that pup a serious lot of lovin.
    BTW, Fuel–always a good choice.  Keep it comin.

  15. Unknown says:

    Yeah, I couldn\’t touch my cat for the last four years of her life. She wouldn\’t go anywhere near me in my scooter. I could tell what she was thinking:
    "The voice and mannerisms are familiar, but it\’s Tobor."

  16. dying2die says:

    hey hows u …
    and for tht lill dog… pat pat pat .. id throw a stick to fetch ..
    ill telll u 1 more things animal undersatnd more than men do
    God bless u amen

  17. Vanessa says:

    hey kido just snooping around.. all is so good back working to many hours.. hope alll is well .. your in my thoughts… love the music…  looking up at the comments… to much …   anyhow.. good to see your still doing well.. wish we could chat thank you for the insperation.. still need it to this day!

  18. Unknown says:

    I love this entry!  Your poor dog!  I bet he is confused.  I often visit your site and I always laugh and cry.  You are an amazing human being and I thank you for sharing yourself with the world.  If I came to visit you, I promise I would give Tess lots of love!!!

  19. Unknown says:

    Kenny ~
    Happy Father\’s Day!  I hope that you enjoyed celebrating it with you family … and you shared the love with you dad and grandfather.
    God bless you and keep you,
    Nae  :o)

  20. Sue says:

    "Pats Tess gently on the head and a scratch behind the ears" Hey, girl!
    Pretty dog! My Sammy is the man in my life. He\’s GREAT! He adores me, showers me with kisses (and I\’m lucky that I don\’t have a dog with bad doggy breath),  is cute as a bug, a cuddly lover, and is so smart. My 15 yr old just taught him how to "pound it". Cracks me up. He\’s such a good lil boy. Love him to pieces. His one downfall? He doesn\’t greet me at the door when I come. Lazy lil thing will stay in his doggy bed until I come greet HIM! He just lies there wagging his tail, barely lifting his head. What\’s up with that anyhow??
    Hey Tess, if ya like younger men I have a keeper for ya. He\’s got beautiful brown eyes, a cute lil brown nose, and blonde hair. He loves long walks on the beach, staying up to watch the sun rise, cuddling by a fire, the outdoors, playing fetch, and is a non-smoker. Come to my site to check him out! *wink*

  21. Leigh says:

    I bow to your sweet dog and give her the softest pat on the head, tickle on the chin, and hug over her shoulders.  She knows how much you love her even though you can\’t show it the same way you used to.  Dogs are very loyal and they are very empathetic.

  22. Unknown says:


  23. Brittany says:

    I have a suggestion for your song of the day!

    I think you would like it, it\’s one of those songs I would have put on repeat and blared through our college park apartment 😉

    Death Cab for Cutie–I Will Follow You Into the Dark

  24. TexasGirlJen says:

    Hey smalls…..
    Like your music…..

  25. Klementine/Mandolyn says:

    Tess – so presh!  I heart her!
    : Klem

  26. Adara says:

    lol you crack me up!

  27. Stephanie says:

    Hey Tess! Too bad I don\’t still live in Yakima. My youngest daughter (11) is totally convinced that her life is in ruins because we don\’t have a dog for her to care for. (12 cats, 60 gallon tank full of fish, 1 tempermental rabbit… but no dog!) You\’d get luvin for sure!  Plus… I have no rules regarding where or when you sleep! lol BIG HUGS, scratches behind your ears and a belly rub, Steph

  28. Colleen says:

    Your beautiful dog reminds me of mine….her name was Daisy and she was my best friend for 16 years!
    I was directed here thru Molly\’s space, and I think, no I\’m sure of it, that I\’ve heard about you from other spaces! Soooo, I will be back to read more, I mean that, although it doesn\’t look like you\’re hurting for comments or readers! LOL
    Read ya soon,

  29. RideSallyRide says:

    Your dog understands.  Animals have a way of understanding things that humans just don\’t get.  I wish I could be there to hug your dog.  I love animals more than anything else, as they will not hurt you like humans can.

  30. Unknown says:

    Gee, Tess!
    That\’s kind of rough.  Mom and Dad went through burn stuff last year and talk about being some pitiful humans!  Bah!  Now, Mom has got Grandma in the human hospital and she hasn\’t taken me for a walk in a few days!  Talk about lack of gratitude!  But, you gotta stick with your human \’cause that\’s your Dad and you don\’t always have a choice who you choose for a parent!  But, if I let Mom pet you, you can\’t have her.  I\’m not sure I\’m ready to share her with a kindred spirit! 
    Kovu and Cee

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