Well, well, well…

Get out your folding lawn chair, thermos, and picket sign everyone! Oh yeah, that’s right… it’s boycotting time! It’s nice to see that I’m not the only one noticing how out of hand things are getting on this thing. I’ve tried and tried to suppress that alter ego of mine from spouting off about things, but I just can’t hold him back anymore. I was going to write something sarcastic about the way things have blown up on this thing anyways because of the fact that I crossed a half a million hits tonight at 7 p.m. (isn’t that insanely absurd?) This just gives me more ammunition. It’s gone on long enough, it’s time I spoke up.

First things first, let’s get one thing straight. I write for me. I always have, I always will. But I will admit, since I garnered this large following through being featured on MSN, I don’t mind entertaining those who support me. Besides writing for myself, I also am glad my internet "friends" enjoy what I have to say as well. I write for people like Davina, Darlene, Mandy, Stacey, Lana, Adara (I hope you aren’t THAT Jen), Marisa, Johnny, Kelly, Keith, and everyone else like them. I write for the friends I know, and the ones I only know through this web site.
That being said, I can now address my critics. Apparently, I need to adjust my disclaimer, perhaps make it a little simpler. Something like: If you don’t like what I have to say… piss off. I mean honestly, I don’t recall asking for opinions and lectures. Granted, this is the internet, and all opinions are allowed. But I can’t help but notice the hypocrisy being displayed on my site. It seems that as long as everything is happy and sugary sweet, everyone loves me. But if I happen to stray from that utopia, I get reamed.
It’s pretty funny how some of the people that compliment my writing turn around and lecture me on how I need to get over my pity party when I’m having a bad day. Apparently, suddenly becoming a quadriplegic in my early twenties is nothing to get down about. Or how about the comment someone left on the story of how I met Hallie, stating their disappointment with how things began… saying that it was just a shallow, drunken tryst? How funny. I guess they would have rather assumed my entire life is a Disney cartoon. They seemed to love the story about the hospital, yet they don’t want to hear how it began.
The one thing that is probably the funniest part, is that these critics read what I write and think they know EVERYTHING about me. I’m sure everyone recalls the movie Good Will Hunting. Remember the scene where Matt Damon rips Robin Williams apart just because he saw a painting that Robin did? I can definitely relate to that character. Some of these people read what I write, and tear my life apart because they think my entire being is based upon a few stories I’ve written. Don’t you understand that I’m only letting you see tiny bits of my life!?  As much as you want this to be, this web site is not a Cliff’s Notes abbreviation of all that I am.  
So now we have someone proposing a boycott of my web site. Apparently my ego is getting a little too large for the MSN servers in their eyes. It seems rather interesting that everything was all laughs and giggles when I was poking fun at myself for being a cripple, yet I make a tongue-in-cheek comment on a friend’s site and it’s completely out of line. If you take offense to that, there’s your red flag… you are one of THOSE people. As Bill Engvall would put it, "Here’s your sign." So guess what ? Boycott away. Grab your picket sign, and parade back and forth in front of my site if you wish. I don’t care, and no one else does for that matter. I don’t write to increase my fan base, so if I lose you as a reader, I won’t notice.
So to my friends, thanks for your support this whole time. I will try to keep writing, for myself and for you. As for my critics… bite me. You seem like some ignorant person getting angry at some political TV show they are watching, not even realizing that they have the remote control in their damn hand! If you don’t like what you are watching, change the f-ing channel. You don’t have to come here, you have a choice. Granted, some of the crazy comments provide the rest of us with quite a bit of entertainment in themselves, so maybe you could do us a favor and stick around to give us a few laughs, I guess.

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  1. Kirsten says:

    It is truly unbelievable in here. Just goes to show that it takes all kinds…

  2. Sexy says:

    I love your outlook. I to have had people try to get to "know" the real me by reading what I write. I recently deleted most of it for that reason. However what people see on my blog is what I let them see, not all of who I am. I think everyone has a right to their own personal opinion but anyone should get all of the facts before coming to that opinion. If someone wants to know something why don\’t they just ask. I am usually willing to answer. And what is with people and their bloggin obsession anyway? I know you get tons of comments and I am sure don\’t have time to respond but if you ever get a free minute I would love to have you come by. And forget people and their stupidity. Write for you always. If someone doesn\’t like it they don\’t have to read it.

  3. Unknown says:

    Bravo Kenny !!! You go Guy!!! F__k\’em if they can\’t take a joke…

  4. Unknown says:

    Give\’em hell!If they can\’t figure out what the blog is for – it\’s their problem. Silly silly people. How can one escape their wrath???I like life as it is – ups, downs, and all arounds. One fun and somewhat unexpectedly crazy ride I say! :)Keep writing!!You rock! 🙂

  5. Unknown says:

    I agree, p*ss off! Not you, Kenny, the mongrels *trying* so fervently to drag you in the mud. To all those who don\’t like seeing a human BE a human, I have one thing to say to you:If I throw a stick, will you leave?Kenny, I hope you do realize you have inspired others in less hardship than yourself. I truly envy your faith, and I envy your talent. I am grateful you have used both to remind us that at any moment, our lives can change, and for which direction depends on what direction we choose to face when we walk on. Thank you for just being you. I know, how cliche, but for the lack of something better, that is all the gratitude I can offer. Thank you.

  6. Unknown says:

    Wait, I didn\’t mean that…….god I can be so brainless……Walk on? What was I thinking……I meant figuratively, of course, but, man, I am such a friggin duma**…..sorry \’bout that, I can be an insensitive jerk sometimes <slaps forehead>

  7. Heather Niccole says:

    Kenny,Resolve to be a master of change rather than a victim of change. –Brian Tracy I believe this holds true in your case. Your inspiring. Hope this finds you well.Take care,Heather Niccole

  8. Unknown says:

    Good for you! It\’s funny, in a way. I\’ve visited you here quite a few times, read all your stuff, and even commented a time or three. I seriously doubt that you have even noticed, given that you must have received thousands (tens of thousands?) of comments from well wishers and flamers alike, nor have I, or do I, expect any response from you. It is enough that you are willing to share here in your blog WHATEVER it is that you are willing to share.Even given the fact that your writing is excellent: coherent, witty, and often down-right humourus, and you have certainly shared a good deal of yourself with all of us, it stretches my imagination that ANYONE could suppose that he or she KNOWS you.I think perhaps it\’s more that they/we wish to identify with you, since all of us need heros.

  9. Unknown says:

    We\’ll all have a pitty party together…get some balloons and rent some movies, have some pop corn and laugh at what the idiots write to you. I like to read what you have to say, and you shouldn\’t have to stop or change your ways because someone else doesn\’t like it. have better days, Kenny. Sarah Joy

  10. RAM says:


  11. Mystic says:

    I just found you through a friend\’s space and I think you stuff is brilliant. What I love most is this disclaimer. You remind me a lot of myself and my beliefs about writing/posting blogs. You know you\’ve arrived when you have supporters AND critics..so keep doing what you\’re doing hon. I know I\’ll be one of those supporters coming back for more!xoxo,Cristin

  12. Raymond says:

    You want to talk Protest…..
    Now thats my language     Check it out
    Let me know what you all think 🙂

  13. Unknown says:

    Beini, like you said you will not notice if people are not reading your website because for one you do not actually see them reading it.  And maybe it would be a good thing, less for you to read in the end.  I haven\’t read anything that you have written until now, I was scared.  You were Superman to me, everything that I watched you do you couldn\’t be stoped.  Everything that you did was cool in the eyes of this innocent underclassman that you tossed around like it was nothing.  You even made the hot rack at seven eleven sound cool.  This past year I have been taking risks with my heart.  I finally told the girl that I had had a crush on for thirteen years how I felt about her.    The two things that I will always remember about you is running in the upper gym before practice and you talking to the rhino about "de dadunkadonk butt", and the holloween that you were the ggw photographer.  I could never touch you, beat you, you were really superman.  In my mind I still wrestle with you, but I just can\’t beat the funk.  No matter what it was that I did no matter how good of a shot that I took, you rolled and we scrambled and then you put in that freaking leg ride, cheap tilting me to death.  I never knew what you thought of me but to me you were exactly what I wanted to be.

  14. Stacy says:

    go to every mans voice

  15. Vonnie says:

    Unfortunately, there will always be a sour grape, no matter how golden the vine.  You my dear, are true gold.  That sour grape (are those, I\’m not sure of the details) are nothing more than jeleous, and undoubtedy suffer from a crippled soul. 
    To you selfish, sour grapes… I say this:  For one minute (that\’s 30 seconds, in case you\’re having trouble with the math) put yourself into this man\’s position.  Seriously, open the scope of your heart for one solid minute and imagine how utterly lost you might feel if you were the one on his side of the fence.  And ask yourself this… who would be by your bedside?  Would you have people visiting your blog in droves!  Would you have family and countless friends ready to do anything for you?  I would venture to say… you would not.  You get from life exactly what you put into it.  If you have nothing better to do than critisize a man for expressing himself (on HIS webspace!!) than the math is fairly easy (stay with me now)… you are nothing more than a shell, no soul, no heart, and zero character.  Shame on you.
    Kenny, you are above the "critics".  Don\’t  allow a sour grape to spoil your vine.  You have a place in this world, a purpose, and I know that you will do amazing things… this is just the beginning. 
    Be Blessed,
    Yvonne / Edmonton, Canada

  16. Brandi says:

    LOL….people are so weird sometimes! I heard about your Space from a friend, and at first in relation to this really mean chick who was tearing you apart. She even blogged about you! Holy crap people, get a life!
    All ranting aside, I love your space, glad you do this, I enjoy it very much! Keep writing, and yeah, I\’m glad you write for you, so do I in my blog! The comments are a bonus 🙂
    Sorry, I know it\’s cool to visit your visitor\’s Spaces, but alas mine is private and packed with personal info, so I can\’t make it public! I\’m now wishing I had kept it open as it was originally!
    Thank you for writing…I\’m not even half-way through them, but I wanted to start at the beginning! It is now nearly 1:00 AM and I\’ve been on here for hours, so I\’ll bid you a "goodnight" and hope your day/evening/night (or whenever you read this) is going well! I\’ll be back for another few hours of poring over your blogs hopefully tomorrow 🙂
    God bless you, Kenny 🙂

  17. Anchra says:

    Ya know what? You have a perfect right to splash around in a pity puddle once in a while. Your writing is amazing no matter what it is about because it is real. You\’re not some phoney putting on a smiley face for everyone. What you choose to share with us is wonderful because you are sharing it at all. Any critics of yours is a moron.
    No one is forcing anyone to continually go to a blog they don\’t like. It\’s not like you have rigged it so your blog is their homepage or something.

  18. Here I am says:

    oh my gosh!!!  I just read the little signs!!  Yep – i\’m a little slow!!!!   LOVE \’EM!!!!  – wish i could have read the \’boycott kenny\’ comments.. but i can\’t find \’em. 

  19. Unknown says:

    No doubt. Put yourself out there in any way in front of the public, and someone\’s going to take a shot at you. Plenty of people out there prowling around hunting for their big elephant, when they should be hunting for something to do with their time. Sad.
    You keep on telling the truth, Kenny. All these great people and I will back you. Things for creating such a great blog.

  20. Unknown says:

         People give me advice and lectures all the time and I listen. Sometimes I hear something worth while. I think most people mean well, but there are just different personality types out there and what they say can come across the wrong way.
         I read the comments on your website and for the most part they are very nice. I guess one ot two will pop up that might not mix well with the bunch, but everyone seems to really like you and support you.
         As for the boycott…a group of people tried to boycott the new James Bond movie yet it will become the biggest money-making Bond film of all time. Just like your site will become MSNs most popular space of all time.

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