I’m still here…

Yes, it’s true.  I’m still alive.  I’m not sick, or in the hospital either.  Yes, the computer was down for a while, but I still had a backup.  I am just finding myself in a real creative low at the moment.  For some reason, I’m just not motivated to write at all, lately.  I really do appreciate all the comments of concern, though.  Sorry it took me so long to alleviate your concerns.  I’m sure I will be back on my feet, well… figuratively, and writing soon.  If you want to remain entertained, go back into the archives and read some of my older stuff.  I don’t know, just an idea.

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  1. shawna says:

    Hi kenny, hope you are in the writing mood soon Your stuff is really good. I talk to my friend the other day and she said she dose know you because you had wrastl with her brother Scottie. Anyway I just wanted you to know I was thinking of you. Take care!!!!Shawna

  2. Tyra says:

    Just wanted to say hello. I know you get a thousand but I came across your site and noticed we have alot of the same taste in movies! Any guy who names The Big Lebowski and So I Married An Axe Murdered must be in tune with me 🙂 What are your favorite TV shows? Got any good ones I should tune into?Oh, by the way I am Tyra and it\’s a pleasure to met you!

  3. Unknown says:

    I can sympathize, I\’ve been having a bit of a "break" myself. Sometimes the words don\’t come or the words that do come are the wrong ones. For me, I try to switch mediums of communication…pottery…to clear my head of the static.We are all hanging out in your e-community waiting to hear from you and getting to know each other along the way. Thank you for that.

  4. Unknown says:

    Hi Kenny, been reading ur space for a few months now. ur stories have captured my attention. my life is completely different from u, yet i can relate the emotions u described . reading ur stories i feel like saying, \’yeah! i know exactly wat u mean!\’ all the time, even tho wat i do is diff from u. And in a way its comforting to know that someone out there thinks the same as me, even if its a stranger from across the world. so I think i owe u a thank you for sharing your thoughts. coz even tho u don know it, its helped.best wishes…

  5. Kambria says:

    Ya know I always say Hi to you……..you\’ve never even once said hi, whats up with that?

  6. Kambria says:

    Aw I see………you\’ve actually deleted my messages 🙂 no worries I wont bother you again.

  7. Adara says:

    I took a little break myself, but I have always kept up on coming here to check on you. I know blah blah blah all the comments say the same thing to you over and over but we did miss you, or should I say I missed you. I am glad you are doing well. Heres to hopes of a peaceful night~Jennifer

  8. Kambria says:

    Ummm….ok cause I\’m an asshole and I\’m wrong I will admit it (being drunk plays no part in my stubborn stupidity) so I apologize just bugs cause you never return the hello 🙂 anyways I\’ll stick to the above statement about coming back. once again I apologize

  9. -- Babi3 says:

    hey,just popping by! hope you\’re well and remain well – mentally, emotionally and health wise.take care

  10. Darlene says:

    Jeeez….and people have the audacity even to wonder why…..

  11. Unknown says:

    Hi Kenny,No doubt in my mind you were ever gone. Take it easy, relax and enjoy life and the words will come back…no hurry, we are all here for you.Dana

  12. Unknown says:

    Kenny,I love your blog. I think your great! Sure you have heard this (read) before. Anyhow, I am glad to hear that you are doing ok. At the end of your post, you wrote "smalls", you reminded me of my oldest brother. I had the pleasure of spending the weekend in the little town he lives in bc we had to evacuate due to Rita, anyhow, we dont get to see or spend much time with each other but this time we did. He kept saying that word "smalls" and I found it to be quite an amusing word and to be funny I called him biggie(get it, biggie smalls, ok, nevermind) anyhow, you just made my day!Hope your back on the saddle soon!peace

  13. dying2die says:

    hey how r u … hope thingsr ok .. God heal u amen

  14. Donna says:

    Kenny,I\’m pretty sure that I got the name of this artist from you, Jack Johnson. On a whime, I went out and bought his latest CD and loved it. So I bought one of his other ones. I like it too, but just not as much as the first one I bought. Thanks Kenny! 🙂

  15. Molly says:

    Hello Kenny. haha no hurry, we are always here with you. I\’m gonna read your older stories.Take care!^O^

  16. Davina says:

    So, Hugs, Couple Skating, Ice Cream, "watching" a movie, anything else you would like to add to the itinerary? xoxoxo,your not so secret admirer

  17. Davina says:

    p.s. I posted your favorite pic

  18. tina says:

    Hello KennyI have been coming here a while now,(like so many other ppl)and yes this is the first time i have left you a comment.And i\’m sure i\’m not going to tell you anything you dont already know or that you havent heard before but UR SO VERY COOL,yep thats right.. your smart,funny and very good looking. You have no idea what i would give just to talk to you,or for that matter what you might give (ah think about that one) but for now (and i dont see it going away) your fan club is way to big to fit lil o me in but ill keep stopping by and every now and then say hello to ya…ahhh and i hope your "Me" dont get to upsetbye Kenny….

  19. Laura says:

    K~ Is it me or does it get stranger by the moment in here? hummm…. *hangs head and shakes it back and forth* um um um.Keep your chin up my friend! :o)~Laura

  20. linda says:

    I was so intrigued by your media player that I decided to get one of my own. It was relatively easy to install…once I read and reread the directions. The hard part was finding music. I didn\’t want a video.I\’m not sure if I like it or not now. I think I might take a poll. Then again I was also thinking about creating a playlist of multiple songs. But can you read while you\’re listening to music? Or is it just distracting? I have mine set to automatically come on and play once, the controls are invisible but you can right click and control it.Anyway, see that you still arent too talkative…I\’ll just say hi, then…

  21. Sue says:

    Wow some of these entries are getting weird. I know it takes all kinds, but some people are just plain scary!I\’m with you Dar*shakin my head*Best wishes to you Kenny. Hope you\’re having tons of good days filled with laughs and smiles and surrounded by people who love ya!Hugs (safe, friendly, non-infatuated ones)Suz

  22. Candy says:

    Hi kenny,my name is candace, i live in alabama-i found your blog off of amy kristen\’s website the other day and it made such an impression on me. i just wanted to say hello and see how you were. 🙂 just letting you know, i, along with nine million, others are thinking of you.:)

  23. J o d says:

    Hey Kenny, sorry I feel weird saying that when I don\’t even know you… Well let me introduce myself, haha, my name\’s Jodie, I\’m 18 (almost 19 :P) from NSW in Australia. I just wanted to say how awesome I reckon it is that you can reach so many people and affect them so much! Ironically, I sorta stumbled accross your blogs as it is, by reading the \’broken mans plea\’ on some other random girls blog not knowing who had actually written it. I copied it and put it in my own blog, only to realise it contained a link back to your blog! so here I am. 😉 I\’ve read a fair few of your blogs, and even though it seems like you don\’t mean to have such an impact on people with what you write, well sorry to say mate but i think its too late to pull out now! All my worries about uni and crap seem pretty stupid now, and i spose i have you to thank for that. Neway, I spose what im trying to say is keep doin what your doin Kenny, your the first thing on the net i think that has actually made me stop and think, usually im just out having too much fun to think about what else is going on around me. So… stop by my space sometime and maybe leave me a comment so i know u were there 😉 haha go hard KennyJodie xxx(PS i laughed at your jokes.. :P)

  24. Unknown says:

    Good to see ya are still here. Have a great day ,Smoochesssssssssss:o)~~Anne~~

  25. Unknown says:

    100th comment 🙂

  26. amanda says:

    I burned my arm today baking a cake. This is the billionth time you\’ve made me appreciate something I normally would have been mad about. Hope you know how much that means in the scheme of things. – amanda

  27. Patricia says:

    Just stopped by to wish you well. Hope you are still writing somewhere and/or involved in another project. My best to you. Take care -patti

  28. Katharine says:

    I have an idea!(you ready for this one?!)Write a book. With the procedes, or part of them, tell bill gates to make you a better program that doesn\’t involve a whole bunch of \’quadrent\’ moving with the mouse. Make sure its one that \’reads your mind\’. OH, and then they\’ll make a movie. You\’ll star in it of course because your the hottest quad on the west coast.just an idea;)Katharine-

  29. Unknown says:

    Ok so I\’m going to tell you a joke (if you read it…well thats up to you 🙂 ) Ok ready? :O)What did the fish say when he swam into a wall?DAM! hahaaha lol I love that joke. :O) You seem to have good sence of humor, hope you like the joke! 😀

  30. Darlene says:

    Glad to be your Muse….Remember… I always have your back….Can\’t wait to see what you come up with next! ;)Drama

  31. Lindsey says:

    Just dropped in to say hello. I hope u have a good weekend!!

  32. stephanie says:

    Good morning.Can I please suggest a boycott of this blog!!!! It seems that Kenny and his friends are making fun of most of the people that write on this site. They think most of the comments are crazy (and I can agree to an extent) but most are harmless…………Anyway, I think that his ego needs to be deflated a little bit!

  33. Davina says:

    Jen-If you think Kenny is so unbareably arrogant, then quit coming back to his site. If you agree that some of the comments are a litte disturbing, then what are you so upset about? Maybe it is people like you leaving messages like this that we are making fun of.Love ya Kenny.D

  34. Kirsten says:

    Kenny – I wouldn\’t blame you in the least if you stopped posting all together. Seems to me like things are getting way out of hand on here.Be well,Kirsten

  35. Unknown says:

    Hey Sweetheart,It is people like you that they are making fun ofYou fucktard

  36. Lucia says:

    OMG…… this is awesome. as someone once said in another comment, who needs TV (especially the stupid reality shows) when you can just come here and read the comments. unbelievable how if people are left without constant entertainment (i.e. a new post from Kenny), they start making up their own cheap drama. Of course Kenny must be making fun of it!! LOL

  37. Aimee says:

    Hey, there\’s no reason to call people fucktards or any other type of derogatory name. That\’s completely inappropriate. In case you didn\’t notice, it\’s not your site…it\’s Kenny\’s. This might be hard to understand, but he didn\’t create it for you. If you don\’t want to come, then don\’t. It\’s actually that simple!

  38. Unknown says:

    ditto dar……….dramabut at least someone borrowed your "word" — ha!sheesh.

  39. Aimee says:

    …and no one is making fun of sweetheart, they are commenting about you…

  40. kacky says:

    sorry- just have to laugh. Katherine

  41. Anita says:

    Ooops … is there another fight? Are the chickens pecking hard?Hope you are having fun with your new project Kenny.Lot\’s of new material.Ta ta for now,Anita

  42. Kenny says:

    Actually Duh… Sweetheart is excluded from that list. She is a very close friend and I hold dear to me.

  43. Unknown says:

    ….. AND she has a really great blog. Good writer.If anyone hasn\’t visited her yet, you should stop by. Great stuff!

  44. Unknown says:

    Kenny,Been coming to your site for a while now, even made a few comments, hope nothing that upset you, someone wrote something stupid one day, it hit me wrong and I made a rude commen and told them to go away which is not like me. I started my own blog because of you to stay in touch with my family far away. I don\’t feature your blog on my site even though I think you are a great writer I think you have enough people coming to your site good and bad. There is to much drama for me, I not sure how you deal. I wish you could cut out the space for comments and just write your stories and keep in touch with those special friends like Dar, Sweetheart and the rest of them. I wish you well i will come back and check your stories out if you write any but I won\’t visit the comments. Take Care wish you well

  45. Darlene says:

    Shit…now I can\’t even go to work for fear of missing something….NOONE is allowed to use my word without my express written permission….So smalls… ya think….cough*possiblypsychobitchfromhell*cough is lurking? I do believe so! Stacey and I are on it!And Duh….BIG MISTAKE…. trying to rag on Sweetheart….you just as well pack it up…..Too funny…oh well only solidifies my posting…..I LOVE IT when I am right!Drama

  46. Unknown says:

    Yikes! I hear ya…. you go file something for one minute and so much happens!Tell \’em like it is Darlene! Love your blog, love your attitude, and LOVE the way you stick up for your friends–in person and in cyberspace.I\’ve been toying with the idea of starting a blog, but maybe not. It can get ugly in here!later

  47. NJaney says:

    Hi (stop crowding) Kenny (seriously, out of the way) I just wanted to (OUCH, geez, off my back lady I\’m almost done) stop in and say (can you just move back a little) hello and TGIF (I mean it, I\’m almost done, just wait your turn) Hope you have a good weekend and (HOLY CRAP just let me FINISH)Oops! I took too long, let me finish up so the worshipers can get back at ya-I\’m gone like a side-ponytail……*poof*

  48. tina says:

    Hello Kenny………*wink*

  49. tina says:

    wow………….just wow Everyone wants KennyI think ill start selling popcorn here..(lol) Anyway just wanted to say hi…

  50. Unknown says:

    Bras or thongs?

  51. Unknown says:

    I do believe that *I* have permission to use fucktard…

  52. Darlene says:

    Yes Stacey…you would be correct!Anyone else…please submit your request…along with an example of how you would use it in a sentence….I will review and notify you if permission is granted…..

  53. Marcie says:

    So I was thinking as I clicked on your blog today…I wonder what sports teams he liked. I mean, look at me, advertising my favorite team here and there, annoying people with articles that they won\’t read, simply because I appreciate them so much.I have looked at your pics, read your blog and realized that above anything else (and Hallie), you really loved extreme sports and wrestling, so just wondering if you are placing bets on the Hawks this weekend??Have a great day!

  54. Unknown says:

    Hi! Just my usual pop-in. Maybe you should write a column for the New York Times? Lol. Hope you laughed out loud today.-Sandy

  55. Laura says:

    Laura hands Kenny a bullet proof vest and a helmet …..ducks down and scurries outta the room………..*whew*

  56. Unknown says:

    Hi Kenny,Yikes, I don\’t know how you take all this drama! I found your site about a month ago, and I love reading what you write. Just remember to write for YOU, and nobody else. Wouldn\’t blame you if you just abandoned ship here and started a private blog…Take care Kenny. Stay strong.An Admirer

  57. Mary says:

    hey just wanted to say hi, i am trying to contact you on my space but you never reply, i don´t know why, it kinda sucks but oh well if you are not interested on talking to people over the internet you should just reply and tell me that…or maybe write it in your blog, that way i won´t be thinking the whole day tryinh to figure it out…have a nice day, i´m glad you´re back.

  58. Anita says:

    Dear Mary79,I am writing to you to let you know that Kenny CANNOT TYPE!He has suffered a SERIOUS SKIING ACIDENT, and now answering his fan mail is NOT his top priority.He\’s got a voice program that does the typing for him, BUT IT IS HORRIBLY DIFFICULT and frustraiting for anyone that uses it.I do not have an authorization from him to say this: but if he was to answer every comment on this blog, from every girl that wished he\’d talk to her it would be impossible to do.Even if he\’d respond only to the frekos.You know what sucks? Being ignorant.You can take that and paste it on you\’r non-awailable blog.I am glad that I had a chance to share this with you Mary, and want to thank Kenny for giving me a space to do so.Hope you will find something better to do with your day, then sitting around a computer and waiting for Kenny to answer.That just waists oxygen.Anita

  59. Molly says:

    LOL, omg Kenny, I hope you are getting quite a chuckle out of your site. I just sit here and shake my head in utter disbelieve and amusement. Thankfully there are some sane heads out there watching your back and reminding you to lock your doors! (Just don\’t forget to have your windows locked too …)Actually, I wouldn\’t be surprised if you have rolled quite quickly from the room where your computer is kept, yelling and screaming, never to return again … and I\’m sure there are several of us out here that wouldn\’t blame you either. Do you realize you are probably the only person out here who doesn\’t even have to write much and yet can still elicite quite a response from his readers.Still laughing and shaking my head,~Molly~

  60. Sue says:

    Ya know..I for one never once expected a reply from Kenny. Good lord look how many people post comments each day! There aren\’t enough hours in the day for him to write to everyone! Do you forget he can\’t type? And it would be a huge undertaking for someone who could type to reply to this many people!I just enjoy reading his entries. They always hit me in the heart and make me think about my own life. I enjoy what he writes, how he writes and his sense of humor. If he brings a ray of sunshine to my day, hurrah! Let\’s get real for a minute here. He\’s ONE man with MANY admirers. To some point he writes for others to read, we all do, but you have to remember this is HIS blog and when he started it I\’m sure he didn\’t expect anything like this. Let the man write what he wants, when he wants. Maybe instead of his suggestion to read his old blogs we should be reading his Aug 27th blog titled Crosses to bear. And I don\’t mean just read it…I\’m talking about HEARING it. In all honesty, who are you (myself included) to think you\’re so special that Kenny requires your audience? It seems that there are a small number of people that have a tone of "I need you to fix me" to their posts. Not gonna happen guys. Kenny, I love your entries. They\’re honest and from the heart. They\’re funny. I LOVE the one you wrote about your mom! It makes me strive every day to be that kind of mom to my kids. Your site has brought a lot of good people together. Yeesh this is toooo long. Sowwy everyone! *getting off her soap box*Hugs to allSuz

  61. Unknown says:

    hey thweetie pie,goodness, but this has been so very entertaining…i have been blog walking through your comments,then entering spaces of those that caught my attention with their comments….some of them have up and left town…now i am laughing again…..it has been a fun trip. more than i expected…and to think i pay aprox. $100.00 or more a month for HBO…she smiles…shakes her head and lets out a giggle…: )well i just wanted to leave a short note, to let you know you continue to be in my heart and prayers…and IN HIS GRIPjc

  62. Nora says:

    Omg, you\’re upset! I hope I\’m not a part of the people that have made you angry 😦 I hate it when I make someone upset. I have done enough of that for these couple of days 😦 I wasn\’t going to write anything but I guess I cant really stay away from spaces… Well, you are right, most of us don\’t know you. We only read about a small part of your life, we don\’t know what you\’re going through (even though some said they do) You can\’t possibly know how it feels like unless you\’ve been through it yourself.. oh well… I\’m sorry Kenny, if I ever said anything that hurt you (I\’m pretty sure I did), I apologize. I know we don\’t know each other but it doesn\’t matter. You write just what you like, whether it\’s sad or happy, you have a right to express yourself. I wrote for my own pleasure too, even though they\’re just stupid things, I don\’t care. I don\’t even bother to be a part of a competition or anything. A few days ago, a friend voted me for most friendly space but honestly I don\’t want to be voted for anything. I just do it when I\’m not working. Well, I won\’t boycott you, there\’s no reason to. Keep writing your thoughts, your sadness, happiness and anger. That\’s a part of being a human being. Take care Kenny. ~Hugs~

  63. Unknown says:

    Kenny-I\’ve been a lurker since you were featured and since your absences these last weeks and now this post felt compelled to remain silent no longer. I can not agree more with what you\’ve posted and as a writer in a past life, I can\’t tell you how inspired I\’ve been by your honesty and creative style. You\’ve endured more in the last year than most of us will ever be able to understand and come through with a sense of humor, intelligence and perspective that your critics will never know. You have a definite fan. Hang tough.Betsy

  64. dying2die says:

    well hope u well God bless u amen

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