Kids do the darndest things

Don’t they?  Everyone has a story about watching a child do something completely off the wall.  And the best part about those stories, is the fact that you can hang them over this person’s head for a lifetime.  Considering that I was the very definition of ADHD as a child, I unknowingly created many opportunities for future embarrassment.

When I was around three or four years old, I lost a tooth at my aunt’s house one night following an injury I sustained earlier that day.  Totally freaked out, I shoved it back in the hole… and it stayed!  Don’t ask me how.  I ended up having to have it pulled years later.  Somehow over the years, my mind stuck on a false memory that I had bailed out the front on my big wheel, landing face first on the concrete.  Sounds like a good story, but my mother is rather quick to remind me of what really happened.

Apparently, I was in my imitating-animals phase.  While my favorites usually included lions, dinosaurs, and the old standby bulldog, I must have been in a creative mood that fine morning.  Perhaps I had just discovered the amphibian aspect of nature, because I was making a sad attempt at resembling a frog.  Hopping around the kitchen belching out “RIBBIT” was just not enough for me, I guess.  In order to add to the authenticity, I decided I should stick my hands out the leg-holes of my Spiderman skivies.  If you picture it, it does seem somewhat logical that it would add to an accurate imitation.

Unfortunately, that position does not afford much security when your feet snag on the carpet, sending you face first towards the kitchen linoleum….you know, maybe I’m sharing a little too much with you people.

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  1. Mandy says:

    The He-Man sword ROCKS! I still can\’t believe that you were so blonde as a young kid!Hmmm….embarrassing stories to hang over your head for a lifetime?!?!? I might be able to come up with a few more…

  2. spygirlz72 says:

    Just happened upon your blog today….and well lets just say….I wanted to be Evil knievel. Picture this…as a three year old attempting to fly down some concrete stairs on a "THREE WHEELER". Not only did I not succeed but I have some pretty narly scars and acquired a rep amongst all the older (read six year olds) in my neighborhood as being one crazy little girl. Luckily this minor accident did not hinder my academic climb beyond college but I still have stupid moments like that.Just thought I would weigh in on the subject. Besides, I am sure there are plenty of people who have more embarassing stories about you. There always are…

  3. Mandy says:

    Check YOU out, Mr. "Best Of!"Good thing I saved your "high-five" drawing! It could be worth something! I could sell it to one of your crazed fans!You\’ll still remember me when you are rich and famous, right?

  4. Josh says:

    Remember that time you put your legs behind you head, and they got stuck? Oh yeah, and you were naked.

  5. Darlene says:

    Is that a sword in your hand…or are you just happy to see me?

  6. Deborah says:

    Congratulations on making in to "What\’s Your Story" — you have a great way with words — I\’ll be back to visit. Deb

  7. ken says:

    Wow, you made "What\’s Your Story"3 days ago I reccomended your space to MSN to be featured. I don\’t know if my input made any difference or not, but congratulations! There are people out there that should read what you write. Keep it up!ken

  8. Jorge says:

    Oh man.I share your pain.I, too, have done many a stupid thing.JorgePS: Congrats on making "what\’s your story"!

  9. Unknown says:

    Kenny,Just happened upon your words today and had to let you know what a very special person you are. Your spirit is so alive, it is truely inspiring. So, we all do things we regret. One time (age 5)I tried to stand on a basketball. It did not stay still. What a headache. Another time we played ball in the pool only with a soda can. (Note to self: When a soda can is filled with water and hits you in the head it hurts! It also requires stitches.) Anyway, I think I was an undiagnosed ADHD case. Please continue to write. U made my day.Kelly

  10. Tamara says:

    Kenny,I just wanted to let you know that you are a very exceptional and unique person and I\’m pretty sure that you have found your spot in life, or at least you are real close to finding what you\’re looking for.Thank you for sharing your life with us, for with out you m\’dear, your family and friends would be lost, as I would be…..I happen to work with your Aunt M, have been for the last 5 years, I feel as if I am a part of your family. This last year has been a rough one, but you will persevere, have faith. You have endeared yourself to me with your writings, please, do not stop….Congrats & Keep up the good work baby!Tam

  11. Heather C. says:

    This is the best blog I\’ve ever seen. Uplifting, funny, touching…. All the elements that writers aspire to. Do you mind if I add you to the "must-read blogs" section of my own space?

  12. Unknown says:

    you are too adorable!

  13. Amy says:

    hey kennyI loved your story and I have a similar one only I didnt knock out my own teeth I knocked out my baby sister\’s – oop! – lets just say I told her to swing between these 2 big old armchairs and wouldnt you know it she kissed the dirt along with her two front teeth … she never lets me forget it … I also loved your blog … its so great! and congrats on the mention by MSN

  14. Toby says:

    I wish you well on your journey. Congrats on the MSN feature, that\’s quite an achievement, being reconized by the third biggest web company. My brother almost knocked me out on a back swing in a mini put put course when i was 10. It was a major lump to say the least. Take care bro and i look forward to your future writings…Until we chat again this is Toby signing off…

  15. linda says:

    o.k. I\’m not even sure what to say first. I guess I should start by saying that I\’m not going to comment on doing embarassing things as a kid. I can think of some, but funnier ones as an adult. This is actually just a general comment. I\’m sure a lot of people probably have the same reaction to reading your blog, but dam*! (I don\’t curse so I can\’t finish that)I have immediately fallen in love with you.I am floored, amazed, moved.I wasn\’t even aware a 25 year old guy could be so articulate. But you\’re not just articulate, you\’re poetic, intelligent, sensitive and feakin\’ gorgeous to boot!I have not read every single word on your blog yet, cause if I did I would never get any work done before I leave, but I plan to. From now on I\’m a regular visitor.I have to ask you a question, though, and I hope its not a stupid one that I should know already. I have a friend, 25, who is also a quadriplegic. Drunk driver last October/November. He has a hard time using a cell phone, picking up things. How are you typing on your blog?

  16. Fructose says:

    Hi Kenny,I\’ve seen you featured in MSN and would love to say, CONGRATULATIONS! though feel very sorry for what had happened to you. I want to read further your entries, I think it\’s worth for me coming back so rather need to create a link of your site so I can visit often. I am also looking for friends, if you won\’t mind?

  17. Tian says:

    Hi Kenny,keep up the good work! i hope you setup an account so we may donate:)Best wishes!

  18. M.a.r.i says:

    Hi my name is mary and im from Puerto Rico.This is the first time that i saw you MSN Space, I have Cerebral Palsy (I was born of five months and a half and my weight was 2 pounds and i had a stroke). I dunno how you feel, because you was a normal person, (and you\’re) and in a second you became quadriplegic, but i can say it\’s that Jesus loves you, and if you believe in him , he will make your life better, and he will heal your heart. Through him all the things are possible, because his an expert in Impossibles. Only if you ask him to come to your heart. Maybe its sounds like religion, but is not religion is believing in God. He wants to be your friend and savior. He really cares about you, like he cares about me.I want to tell you more but this is not my first language, and i dunno how to write the others things.God Bless You

  19. Kathryn says:

    Congrats on the MSN My Story thingee– I was on there until today and it was interesting.I read your entry today, and the bulldog comment made me smile, it immediatetly brought me back about 42-43 years when my brother Johnny and I would pretend we were bulldogs, putting our hands in fists and then "walking" with them bent inwardly, holding a chicken bone in our mouths *grin*I also wanted to say what an articulate writer you are…the writing is very good, Kenny. Anyway, enjoy the notariety and I\’ll be back to visit to read more.

  20. Unknown says:

    You Know Where To Find Me:I saw your sky fall down todaySuddenly turn from blue to greyTill one by one the raindropsTurned to tears upon your faceWish there was something I could doWish I could ease this pain for youBut I’ve never felt so helplessIt’s like you’re drowning right in front of meAnd I’m reaching out but you can’t seeThere’s something holding on to you so tightSo I guess this is all I’ll say to you tonightIf you ever need meYou know where to find meI will be waiting where I’ve always beenIf you ever need meYou know where to find meI have never left you, I’m where I’ve always beenRight by your sideRight by your sideIf the whole wide world is on your backIf the strength you need is the strength you lackIf you’re in a crowd but all aloneIf you can’t stay here but you can’t go homeIf you can’t answer all the why\’s‘cause you’re too tired to reach that highI want you to rememberIf the whole wide world is on your backIf the strength you need is the strength you lackIf you’re in a crowd but all aloneIf you can’t stay here and you can’t go homeIf you can’t answer all the why’s‘Cause you’re too tired to reach that highI want you to, I need you to remember -GOD

  21. Darlene says:

    you are loved…hope today went well.

  22. Erin Christine says:

    you are seriously an amazing person… and that sounds like such bullshit, but really- most people would give up- and they do, but it seems like you have not only tried harder, but touched so many people as a result of simply hanging in there. you inspire me, and i wish you the best of luck in the future- but i think you\’ve got it all under control- everyone has down-days and seriously lonely moments, but in the long run, getting out of those slumps only makes you a better person…thank you for giving me a glimpse into your life and making me think about something real…

  23. xin says:

    Thanks for sharing your story with us!^_^

  24. Mary says:

    fight club is actually one of my favorite movies.i wanted to watch memento, but never got the chance.:)

  25. Kelsey says:

    Wow… I don\’t really know what to write. All that stuff you wrote has made me speechless I guess…

  26. Unknown says:

    Kenny,I just wanted to thank you for making this site. Of course you haven\’t done it for anyone but yourself, but it has been a blessing to be a part of your experience. I am a nurse and I commend you for overcoming this great obsticle in your life. I don\’t get to see many people after they have had life changing experiences and I wish that there were more people like you who have shared what they have gone through. We can all learn from you and others. I will come back and visit often, I have really enjoyed your site.Amy

  27. Tian says:

    We all support ya!!

  28. Liliana Cruz says:

    kenny,i read your history and i see you\’re a very strong man, with a beautiful spirit.your pain must be enormous, but your force of living is very bigger.forgives my bad english!take care of you.bye ***

  29. M.a.r.i says:

    please take a look to this site is amazing.

  30. Hanneke says:

    Hi Kenny,What an impressive story…. I will keep watching your blog.Bye, Hanneke

  31. Unknown says:

    Man oh Man and I thought I was a one kid disaster when I was little! You and my mom share simliar stories though. She learned the hard way not the run the length of a Basketball court with her eyes closed! =))Stacy

  32. Chris says:

    Hello, I have just fallen on your blog is you are a person really special! I don\’t know you, but I am really very proud of you! chris – xx- 🙂 God Bless ya!Bonjour, je viens de tomber sur ton blog est tu es une personne vraiment spécial! Je ne te connais pas dutout, mais je suis vraiment très fière de toi. chris -xx-

  33. Weffy says:

    Great story! Try sticking two keys in a light socket (I was only 3). I don’t think I will ever live that one down. I think it shot me half way across the room and blacked out the whole house. Sometimes I think it did permanent damage! lol

  34. Unknown says:

    hey! do not blame your little crappy mishaps onto us kids!it\’s not our fault that you get a bad day at work!oh my god! how arrogent can you get towards children!i hate you so much!i an knock you out anyday!

  35. Kenny says:

    Yet another child angry about riding the short bus…

  36. Unknown says:

    That is so funny! My five year does that same thing.

  37. Andria says:

    HaHaHa that is cute, although painful. I had broke off a bit of a tooth while playing tag at church and tripped and hit my tooth on the cement….owie! but it\’s ok because I had my tooth and the one next to it filed down to a size I like a bit better than before, ;P

  38. Unknown says:

    Wow. I really kind of wish you weren\’t a featured space so that you would actually be able to read this! (I doubt you read every one of your replies!) But I wanted to tell you a funny story about my son & stepdaughter. . .they were playing lions this weekend (they\’re both 5) and Braya had a pillow in her mouth biting on it as hard as she could and Shane ripped it (and her tooth) out! Unfortunately, hers didn\’t go back in and her mother freaked out – but you\’re right! Kids are hilarious! Shane tried telling us it "just fell out", but we didn\’t buy that! I can\’t really say too much about your situation – I\’m sure you\’ve heard it all. I just think that for whatever reason this happened – something good has to have come out of it, you know? I mean – you\’re obviously pretty damn intelligent – that didn\’t go away! And the good thing is that you weren\’t just cute because you had a nice body – you\’ve still got your handsome face! 🙂 Life sucks sometimes, but it seems as though you\’re making the most of it. I\’ll stop writing now, cuz you\’ll probably never read it. If you do – stop by sometime. I don\’t know anyone in Washington! 🙂

  39. Alexis says:

    It\’s funny how you always remember your first real love. I was a young college student, studying landscape architecture and environmental politics in Sheffield, England. In an odd circumstance, I fell in love with my English polar opposite. He was a young captain of industry, a manager of a multi-million dollar (pound) smelting furnance operation, which had been in his family for over 90 years and me, a very poor hippie girl from carolina. Well, of course, such things never work out. There was a geographic and cultural divide that could never be worked least not in his mind. But there will always be those small things that will remind me of him..even five years from time to time I wonder if he met the girl of his dreams.

  40. Sarah says:

    Adorable story!

  41. Unknown says:

    Someone who is oaralyzed from the waist down is a PARAPLEGIC, not a QUADRIPLEGIC.

  42. Katharine says:

    lmao so cute hun

  43. April says:

    Kenny: you make me roar with laughter…I am particularly fond of this story and children with ADHD. I love the details pertaining to your spiderman skvies!TTFN, AprilP.S. I was once told that teeth "root" easily, and that you can "replant," them in your gums…kind of gross though.

  44. katie says:

    This was a very cute story- it made me laugh after a long day, so thanks! I have really enjoyed reading through your site, and I appreciate the new perspective you have given me on things.Take care,Katie

  45. Brandi says:

    Kids are awesome 🙂
    I was at church one day, and during a quiet stretch, the pastor said that oft-quoted verse "If God is for you, who can be against you?"…silence…and then a small voice (belonging to a little boy named Kalen) piped up and said, "ME!!" The whole church just lost it! Yeah, good times, good times!

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