Road Trip: Day 3

While searching for more accessible digs, the concierge at one hotel asked if we wanted a room for two adults and one child… Amanda did not appreciate it. Finally settled in at Pacific Beach in time to meet up with one of my very best friends from elementary/middle/high school. Not five minutes after, Gus, a C2 quad of 16 years, and his family rolled up asking about my water bottle set up… luckily I had an extra one of the van. Just another awesome day in my surreal life.

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  1. zuzusays says:

    My mom loved her “sippy cup”, (Inglis Drink Aide cup). It was the only thing she accepted using that gave her back some of the freedom she lost after her accident. I’m not sure if that’s what you use, but from the look of the straw, it appears so. I’ve sent a few to people after their injury because I believe it helps with independence. Glad you mentioned it.

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