Geez, people! Writer’s block… writer’s block.

Ever gotten that before?  I have, and still reside here in my room… my hospital room!  Sometime around last Tuesday, my stomach decided to turn into good Ol’ Mr. Wilson from Dennis the Menace on me!!  Not agreeing with anything I ate… NOTHING.  But no worries, I’ll be back to annoy the masses shortly.


  1. Kenny~Just wanted to check in this morning and I was so sorry to hear (read) you are not feeling well. Please don\’t worry about the writer\’s block…..I sure it will lift soon and we will all still be here waiting to read your wonderful words again.Take care! ;)Kendra

  2. Glad to see we didn\’t scare you off. 🙂 I don\’t what\’s wrong with your belly, but Guava nectar always works with my kids. And yogurt. Lots of it.

  3. Ugh I hate it when I goof on a comment that I can\’t edit. My brain gets ahead of my typing.

  4. I\’m looking forward to reading your next entry, but i\’m pleased to know that you\’re doing okay. All the best,Karen

  5. Actually i\’m thinking that since your site was featured by MSN, and everyone loves your writing, there must be some amount on pressure on you to come up with the next equally amazing post. I simply wish you well and post whenever you\’re ready to post. I have many writers block kind of days, today being one of them also. Again, I wish you the best,Karen

  6. Oh so sorry you feel sick to your stomach….I hope you feel better soon….

  7. But you will keep writing as soon as you feel better right??? Please…..

  8. Hey I forgot to mention to you something I did over the weekend. I usually don\’t do anything. I\’m usually kind of depressed, about nothing really because I\’m surrounded by people who love me, but I seem to always focus on the things I don\’t have. So anyway this weekend I was trying to fight the "woe is me syndrome" and I thought about your "broken man\’s plea". Well I decided to take your advice, and I did do one thing that was fun. I took my 8 year old to the Aquatic Center and I actually got in the water with him, and went down the water slides with him and even got on the diving board, almost turned back but couragesly crawled my way to the end, almost lost my balance, those things are not too steady when your at the very tip, and then I dove!!!!!!!!!! I laughed and swam and dove and slid and smiled. Thanks for that article, thanks for all of your articles, I walk away with something every time!!

  9. Writer\’s block … why, yes, I must admit writer\’s block does happen. With the talents you have with writing, the desire to create something worth reading must be a challenge. We could almost call you the E.F.Hutton of the blog set … Oh, that\’s right … you are only 25 … you probably are wondering what that all means. So, I\’ll tell you. Whenever E.F.Hutton (financier who died in 1962 … thank God for "Ask Jeeves") would talk … all would stop what they were doing to listen to every word. Your words that you write are done with such skill that a person feels what you feels (well kinda) and can\’t hardly wait to read what you want to share. Keep up the good work and if it means you don\’t write … at least I know that like fine wine … it takes time.Take care,Colleen

  10. Blog block stucks……feel better soon U! 🙂

  11. Kenny,If you didn\’t find humor in the Bud Light "Real Men of Genius" songs I wrote you about, here is a new joke I heard today.A blond died her hair brown because she was tired of being picked on. She was driving along the countryside when she got a bright idea and stopped at a nearby farm. She said to the farmer, "If I can tell you how many sheep you have in total, can I have one?" "OK", said the farmer. So she quickly counted them and said "91". The farmer looked around astonished and said "Alright, take one." As she was walking back to her car the farmer said "If I can guess your natural hair color can I have my dog back?"*All blonds out there do not be offended. I\’m a blond myself and thought it was funny. It\’s only a joke:)I also started my own space. I\’m going to try it out for a bit to see how it goes. Not much on there right now, but feel free to check it out.

  12. Hey, I thought of you the other day. I was watching TLC or Discovery or something on Directv and I saw where they took this guys wheelchair and fixed it up to match his favorite muscle car. They put racing stripes on it and even attached the Cobra symbol on the back of it. I guess somebody stole your idea. You gotta be quick at getting your copyrights!

  13. a great site and i always enjoy your blogs…writers block comes and goes, its sort of like money…i get paid then im broke. I could help in that area…anyways take care buddy!

  14. That\’s funny. I had the same thought Colleen did. I remember those E.F. Hutton commercials from when I was a kid. I had to ask my mom who he was.But yeah, when I saw your post on writers block I pictured all of us just sitting there eagerly but quietly waiting to see what you wrote next and I though of E.F. Hutton, too.You know, its ok. We\’ll keep the chatter up and talk to you until you find something you want to say to us.Just checking in, Kenny.

  15. hi :Is nice know about you … I hope you will better soon … take care kenny Love zare

  16. Sorry to hear about your stomach problems Kenny. I hope you feel better soon. Hey and don\’t feel pressure to write a gem everytime. Just what\’s in your heart, what\’smaking you sad or happy that day. What\’s therapy for you ends up being therapy forus too. You have a brilliant soul Kenny and it shines through everytime in your words.feel better soonAndre

  17. Kenny-Just wanted to say I missed your writing. Hope your tummy problems go away quickly! Glad your keeping your sense of humor. Hope you don\’t mind, but I put a link for your blog up on my space.Have a great day!

  18. Kenny,I have been reading your blogs for a couple weeks now, probably right along with everyone else that found you through the MSN Spotlight. You, are truly an amazing man. You have been through so much in life already. You have been through more than some of us will ever know. But because of YOU, I can go through each day with a different way of looking at myself, my family, my friends. I was hurt at work and have been off since February. I had surgery in March and it is just a slow process in the healing part. Each day, while working on my Physical Therapy at home, I think about the strength you have, and the courage that is takes to get through each day. It helps me to just push myself a harder. I really would love to be able to take pictures again for longer than 10 minutes without the pain. Thank you so much Kenny! Your words open the eyes to the world, so we can feel and see what you go through. Some day, if you would like, I could come and take some pictures for you, to add to the blog, if you want. I am not too far from you at all. My twin daughters went to Central also..they are turning 23 soon.You take care, get feeling better. Let me know if there is anything i can do.Kathy

  19. Hi KennyI have been thinking about you all day and wondering how you are doing? My son who is 12 years old and I are reading your blog every day and all of those wonderful comments from all those people who care..Get well soon ;)Ella

  20. Well as long as you have a good excuse 🙂 I hope you feel better soon.

  21. Well, glad to see that you are well (at least for the most part). So I have to share my exciting news with you. I work in a group home and it is a group home for all traumatic brain injury males. Well, with my PT schooling I have been doing different exercises with the gentlemen. There is one individual who suffered a brain injury 8 years ago that left his right side weak….then 5 months ago he suffered another brain injury that left his left side unable to move by himself. Well, we were not sure whether or not this "paralysis" he was experiencing was going to be forever or not. You know the brain is a funny thing. Well, today I was working with him and a technique that I had learned with ROM gives the individual control of lowering their arm down. Today he seemed stronger than normal…..there is not a whole lot of muscle contraction in there but hey better than nothing like he had 2 weeks ago. Well, today I decided to just see if he could move his left arm by himself……and golly he was able to move it about 6 inches all by himself. Today was the best day ever although it started off bad. The smile that he had on his face is one that I will never forget. He has not been able to do that for 5 months!! Well, just thought I would share my great news with you. Hope to see you back on here soon!!

  22. Hope you get well soon, because I know I\’m not alone in saying that WE MISS YOU! I turn to your page every day for inspiration. Thanks for putting in the time and effort to let us know how you\’re doing, even when you\’re in the hospital. I wish my students were so conscientious…:) (:-Sandy

  23. HI Kenny,I\’m sorry to hear you are back in the hospital and I hope you feel better soon. Sincererly,Jen

  24. Erin Christine says:

    so…do you think its funny that you wrote 5 sentances and this is the 78th comment? write the damn book… : )

  25. I have stumbled upon your site, and I have to say I was pretty blowen away with your story.I think that you have amazing courage and strength. I wish I could come through the computer and give you a big hug.(LOL)You have managed to make me laugh and cry at the same time and I have to say I thank you for that.I hope your stomach learns to behave and your writers block goes away.You are a amazing man and I will be back again in a few days to see how you are doing. I hope you don\’t mind but I added a little about you in a blog of mine and I added you to my fellow bloggers space.

  26. Kenny, I stumbled across your blog one day while it was featured by MSN and have been reading ever since. You have become something of a hero to me and are undoubtedly one of the strongest, most inspiring people I\’ve ever encountered. I find this especially amazing considering that you are only 25, like me. In the short time that I\’ve "known" you, you have single-handedly changed the way I view so many aspects of my life. Your positivity, hope and sense of humor is so genuine that it\’s impossible not to be affected by it. You are a truly incredible individual. Thank you for sharing so much on this site. Hope you feel better soon, Heather

  27. Kenny,Here\’s another good website for SCI (although I like Nick\’s as well, just in case you need some more reading material.www.carecure.orgI now how boring hospitals can be!

  28. HI, Kenny!Get Well Soon~Mayank

  29. strip clubs are a good cure for writer\’s block!!!i know it doesn\’t do you much good right now, but remember that for the future ;)you could talk about that "great" hospital food…or maybe some of the nurses… hahahasorry to hear you\’re there, bro…get well soon, and go cure that writer\’s block!

  30. I was wondering…would you mind dropping by the link below to add your space info to my favorite spaces link? I really enjoy reading it (very inspiring) and I would love to tell others about it.!:0) Jenine

  31. Dear Kenny,Wow! You still sound as positive, sarcastic and charming as you did back in high school. You may or may not remember me. The name is Starla McCranie. However, we did have a class togather so I do have some credibility! So what have you been up to? Probably not a lot of wake broading or skiing…. I am totally joking! (I hope I wasn\’t out of line.) No, in all seriousness, I think it\’s great that are sharing with the world your life alterating experience. I think this will cause people to really take a look at their own lives and really understand the value of what is really important. Obviously, People are reading and you\’ve become Mr. Popular here at MSN! You should feel great about that. It\’s so werid that your accident happened on theonly day that year that I went up snowboarding. I heard about a few days after it happened. My sister, Tera works at Valley Medical Center with Margot Clarks mom wh o had heard about the acccident. I remeber thinkng no this couldn\’t happen to Kenny. Wow talk about a reality check. ItJust goes to show you that you never what road lies ahead and we must take each day as it comesgood or bad. I do admire your ability to accept this new life style (is that a good way to put it?) witha postive attitude. I strongly believe attitude is everything in life. Your living proof of that. I was sorryto read you\’ve been fighting a stomach flu. Not Fun. Hey, so I read in your profile that you enjoy fresh perspectives and great stories.Well do I have the perfect gift for you. It\’s a collection of songs from a bandcalled Bright Eyes. I just recently discovered them and I think they are great. I would love to mail you a few of there Cds. One problem I don\’t have your address. If you are interested please drop an E-mail my way with your address. I think you would really enjoy there songs. Anyway, it is getting late and you probably need toread your 100 other comments before the day is over! But I am always up for a good chat or a good listen ifyou ever need an old admirer from high school. I am here. You are brave soul. Love Starla (

  32. hey Kenny,It\’s 4:38am a work night but I\’m up I can\’t sleep and took a stroll by your space for some inpirational soul searching.Hope your stomach stops acting up on you. I never liked that grumpy Mr. Wilson. <thought to self: I bet you were a lot like Dennis the menace!>Get better (well… you know) soon,mt

  33. Hello Kenny, I got your space from Dallas\’s space. Your space is very nice, and you are quite strong. I hope you will feel better soon. My friend Jenn has a progressive neuromuscular condition which affects her nerves and muscles, so she has to use the wheelchair but she is very strong and positive. This is Jenn\’s space: you and Jenn are the strongest! Best wishes.

  34. Just checking up on ya. Hope all is well.ken

  35. Hi Kenny , I was just passing by and I thought I should say "Hello" , I like what\’re you doin , Great space what you have here , keep goin.By the way, 114 comments !! that\’s awesome , I didn\’t get the half of this no. yet 🙂

  36. Good Morning Kenny, I\’m at work right now and I just wanted to let you know I hope you get well soon! Take care and I\’ll talk to you later.Rosie @–>—>—

  37. Kenny,Just as long as you don\’t end up with Mr. Wilson\’s chicklet teeth!

  38. Hey,I saw this article in a UK newspaper and thought of you!,,2-2005390221,00.htmlJust thought it might intrest you!Be Good,Lisanne


  40. hi kenny !I hope you are fine …well is my time lunch but I have this time for check some emails and see the blogs of my friends… I hope read soon some of your writes…Cuidate ( take care in english )muchos abrazos y un besito ( many hughes and a little kiss .. in order you learn a little spanish !!)Zare

  41. K, Did you kick Mr. Wilson\’s ass yet?Dennis

  42. I see you still got that writer\’s block thing going on….Just stopping by to say, hi.Hope you\’re feeling better.

  43. Kenny!Hope your stomach is healing up…pressure\’s on it would seem – we\’re all mad-crazy for your entries!!I\’m glad MSN gave you top billing, your space has given me a lot to think about, it\’s shown me the spaces of some great people, and motivated me to start my own space. Take it easy~

  44. I hope you feel better. I love visiting your sight. Your world is so out of reach to so many of us…thankfully most of us will never know that world, but it is so facsinating to get just a glimpse of it through such a talented writer. Anytime you write about your old girlfriend I tear up. Anyways, just thought I would annoy you and give you one more message to read. Peace out,Reagan

  45. kimberlee says:

    Hi…Just found your space through Dallas and decided to drop by…You seem to be pretty popular around here! have a wicked day!

  46. Just dropped by to see how you\’re doing. Hope you get better soon. Shelley

  47. I sincerly hope that you are feeling better. I truly enjoy your writtings and as many people do, look forward to them. I worked for a quad for many years as his daily living assistant here in Texas. He and I became great friends and still are today although I now live 1 1/2 hours away. He was very young (just 19) when he was shot in a road rage encounter and just started college at Abilene Christisn University on a full football scholarship! He is now in his mid thirties and is a joy to know. Like you he has a quick wit and can be very sarcastic at times. He made me laugh so much each day that I worked with him that it never seemed like work. It was like spending the day with your best friend. I think you guys would have alot in common as he was a huge sportsman also and had a simalar situation with his girlfriend when he was hurt. If you care to e-mail him to get to know him and how he has dealt all these years, I can give you his e-mail addy if you would like. Just send me an e-mail letting me know. I really think ya\’ll would get along wonderfully. Thanks for taking your time to read this and also for your blog.

  48. I can hear the masses (mostly women *grin*) standing outside your Space chanting KENNY! KENNY! KENNY! KENNY! Some are holding signs that say We love Kenny! others that say Marry me, Kenny! and a few that say Yo Dude! You da man!Hope today was a good one for you! Think about you lots and keeping you and your family in my prayers.Suz =)

  49. I Hope you\’re feeling better.Get well soonTake Care…

  50. Hi Kenny, I hope you get better soon and your are in my prayers. I love your blog.Love Diane

  51. LOL @ Suz….Wanna guess what\’s on my sign? Redirect…

  52. no worries…we can wait. Take care of you.

  53. LOL you better hurry back Kenny before the whole US gets dumped in the ocean from all the people that want to move there and help take care of you. You have started the most wonderful pulling together of people that are really wanting to know how your life and others like you, Keith, Colin and Johnny have changed since the accidents. What a great way to show them with this blog. I wish you Peace. Joan

  54. Kenny don\’t you want to share your fav music with all of us? follow steps below: 1.Log into Passport and Edit your Space. 2.In the Address bar of your web browser add the text “&powertoy=musicvideo” to the end of the displayed URL. 3.Click the Go button next to your web browser address bar. 4.Once the page has finished reloading, click on the Customize tab in your Space. 5.In the Modules drop down menu in the Customize tab there should be a listing for PowerToy: Windows Media Player. Click the word Add next to it and then click the Save button. my space has a sample, welcome… P.S. Hope you feel well and have more delicious meals.. have a nice day!

  55. K, Neither you or I could sleep last night it seems…..They didnt wake you to give you a sleeping pill?…, they must be slippin\’. :o) Mrrrrrr…Wilsonnnnnnnnnn!!!L

  56. All I can say is WOW….a friend I met through another friends blog emailed me the address for the site.Congratulations on a life well led….you weild such power with your words. This will be a place I will come to regularly.Like your blog says, your body may be broken….but definitely not your mind. Keep up the fight.Cheers,Theresa

  57. Hey Kenny, I checked in this morning to see if you had written anything.. I see you haven\’t, but that\’s ok.. I\’ll keep checking in to see.. I know you\’ll be back, just take your time and get better!.. I hope you have a good day and many more to come. Take care!!Rosie @->–>—

  58. hey you,i miss reading your writing! so…let\’s hear another story from when you were little. y\’know…the stories that are embarrassing as anything or the ones that are so memorable that NOBODY ever forgets. =P hope your day is going well and your tummy is cooperating with ya!

  59. hey… just poppin\’ in to say hey and that I hope your tummy\’s feelin\’ better!mt

  60. The most important thing you have to do now is take care of your health, we\’ll wait for your annoyance….Remember to smile, it\’s really the best tonic. Miss u. Ginny Leღ♥ღ♥ღ♥ღ♥ღ♥ღ♥ღ♥ღ♥ღ♥ღ♥ღ♥ღ♥ღ♥ღ♥ღ♥ღ♥ღ♥ღ♥ღ♥ღ

  61. Goodmorning Kenny! This is trvlgurl from Spanaway, just writing to say I hope you are feeling better and are home soon. Tell Mr. Wilson to take a vacation!!! We all miss you….write soon! 🙂

  62. Hi Kenny -sending imaginary flowers and wishing you feel better- hope you are back home by now. Love to hear about what your typical day is like – what you do – favorite time of day – what you are planning with that sharp wit and wisdom you have – I think you could basically run for President with all the support you have -the nation has fallen in love with you and your thoughts, personality, writing and kind heart. Take care of yourself. Wishing you the best, patti

  63. Hey Kenny. Hope you are feeling better today. I seewe are into a lot of the same music. The new StaindCD is really good if you have not heard it yet. Don\’t knowif you like them or not. Well feel

  64. Dearest Kenny,You are truly an inspiration to all who visit your site. You have made me laugh, and cry. Thank you for helping me realize how truly blessed I am. I hope you are feeling better.Sending a hug and smile your way!

  65. dying2die says:

    wel im still praying hard so tht u heal soon .. amen

  66. HI:I just stumbled on your blog and I find your very funny for the situation your in. Here is a hint about those nurses who stick needles in you: Next time, scream REAL loud and tell them they hit an artery! hahahah….black humour helps doesn\’t it???I work in a nursing home and I know how difficult it is for somebody to be wheel chair bound and be considered able bodied. Guess what?? Your just as able bodied as anybody else. The internet makes this incredibly possible now! Your blogs could contain stuff about how able bodied make you feel, which is actually really funny when you think about it. I like the part where you said your about 10% there. That\’s funny:)….like duh, how do people THINK you feel??I agree street signs are STUPID! Who makes those things up anyway?Keep blogging away. Have a great day!Laura

  67. understands writer\’s block….;)

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