(PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!  Only leave comments on this if you need help, or are giving specific help.  If you would like to comment casually, leave those messages on my message board!  Any comments not pertaining to help WILL BE DELETED)
Okay… I am COMPLETELY overwhelmed by the outpouring of support this last week.  To say that I am flattered would be a ridiculous understatement. Being featured on the "best of" space brought a crazy amount of attention.  Something like 4000 hits a day!  That was completely manageable, and I was able to contact the people that message me for the most part.  With it being posted on the MSN homepage,, the response has been unreal… something like 80,000 visits today.
The outpouring of support, sympathy, and help but has been something I could not have imagined.  I completely appreciate every comment I get, and thank you all from the bottom of my heart.  To everyone offering support via wheelchairs, money, web sites, etc. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!  However, I’m one of the fortunate souls that have been able to obtain equipment, so I have no need.  But I know there are countless people out there who need this support… and if it has to come through my site SO BE IT. 
Because I can’t get back to every comment… PLEASE comment on this entry if you need help or are willing to give it.  Try to read through every comment in order to see if you can help or find help.  Given all my obstacles… I still know that my life is far more fortunate than others… these other people need help, and if you can be the one to help them PLEASE do so.  Thank you so much again for this amazing support… maybe the purpose of my writing just might be to bring help to those not as fortunate as myself.
~again, don’t comment unless it’s about specific help~


  1. reach it grabber, 20 bucks, overnight shipping 800 number, this site is Great, has anything and everything ALOT less expensive than MOST places we can get things through..If people want to DONATE.. think about the needs of people in these situatons, and the COSTS it takes in getting these things that are rarely covered..there are many sites and ways to help on my site that are Truely places of CHARITY not THEFT and Fraud in the name of the ill and disabled.. Good deeds can always face the bad guys, so check before you Reach out anything.. But don\’t let a bad apple spoil a good heart, just be Informed..the grabber is at this site url >,0085&ID=1520& posted the the full site link on the post below, it has anything and everything you can imagine and MORE to help..As always the problem is how to get it when it isn\’t covered and we live on fixed incomes..that is where kind hearts, and Helping hands come in.. there are always things that CAN Be done.. Huges Lists are on my site of where you can go FOR HELP and TO HELPBe blessed one and all..Hope this helps your father Lisa your email is invalid it says??

  2. Lisa-Maybe one of these is the gripper stick that you\’re looking for? little expensive (a lot more than $20!), but maybe worth it if is what you need.Terri

  3. Small manufacturer of pediatric wheelchairs. May be able to help under the right circumstances.

  4. Hi Kenny.Please set up a PayPal account and take donations. I am sure many people are willing to help. I just decided not to buy a PSP and donate to whoever needs help..Have you ever heard of a story about a chinese gymnasts who was paralyzed in an accident? i wonder if there might be some useful information for you.good luck and have a nice day. : )

  5. Hi Kenny, My husband was injured in an accident over 30 years ago. Was a quad at the time of the accident (with the old striker frame and halo) got back the use of his legs although he had a terrible limp and his right hand still remains closed. Had several good years, but as time goes on, is losing use of his legs again due degeneration of the spinal column. Tried surgery, but it is only getting worse as he now falls a lot, is in chronic pain and suffers a lot of involuntary muscle movement . I must add that this man NEVER complains and has refused pain meds. At this point he is pretty well confined to a power chair in our home which I managed to acquire, but the problem is he has no outside access and is pretty well stuck in the house all the time. I used to keep his chair in the basement since it is so heavy. It is impossible for me to carry it in and out. Used to wheel him in a regular chair to the basement and he would take off around the neighborhood for a few hours. This year he cannot walk outside (steps) so I can get him to the basement, so we have his power chair inside. Does anyone know of any organization that supplies ramps. We have steps front and back and while I work two jobs, I cannot afford to put in a ramp. I know he is depressed and misses the little freedom he used to have. We are better off than so many here and I am ashamed to even ask, but if anyone knows how to get help making our home a little more chair accessable, I would appreciate it. Thanks

  6. ICE_STORM28 asked about ramps for wheelchair access… Have you thought about the possiblity of getting a portable ramp for your husband? Do a search for "portable ramps" and a whole range of ramps at various prices and sizes will come up. It depends on your needs, how many steps you have, if you want to be able to move it easily, and what you can afford, but there are folding and compactable aluminum ramps that are sometimes cheaper than building a permanent one that could give your husband access in and out of the house and to many other places. My dad, who is confined to an electric wheelchair as well, has a ramp that he stores in his van. It has been so useful! He most often uses it now to get into other people\’s houses when he visits. My mom just sets it up when he needs it and can collapse it back down for storage. You can get them so they become various lengths but the one we have enables him to get up 3-5 steps. He has even used it to get in and out of his van when his lift has broken down. If you want more details or need more help in your search, feel free to email me me! Another quad I know, was able to purchase a temporary ramp on EBay fairly cheap if you can make the effort t hunt around there…Good luck!

  7. this site has a varity of ramos, this link is for protable of a wide variety.. in price from $300.00-$1,500.00( it\’s not the ONLY page, just a lower priced one, with free shiping, and good quality ) wide range of prices and can go to the Home page to see all of their wheel chair products, or email for more sites, I have many on my page, and will be posting ALOT more on my new site onces it is up and running later next week..Blessings one and all..Feel Free to email me with any and all Help or Questions you may have, or needs for linksor numbers you may need..I am also to call anywhere in the US and parts of Canada..Blessings one and all..{{{{{ Huggles , and Bless the givers too, youmean the world to me, I appreciate you r support.. My Human Angels..

  8. kenny- i\’m SO glad you have this, b/c i need your help. i am a nursing student that works on a rehab floor. i was at work when i was first introduced to your story (thanks MSN). now here\’s how i need your help. on our floor, we have a complete C-3 who\’s 20 years old. if at all possible, we would like to set up some way for you to talk to him b/c you\’re the only C-3/C-4 we know of (hopefully my email was given to you, so you can email me back). the quads that come to visit are C-5/C-6, which is nice, but it\’s just not the same. we told him about your story, and he wants to talk to you. i told him i\’d try and help. if anything, we\’ll just copy off your stories and let him read it. i\’ll also take those websites about chairs for his parents, since he\’s using a loaner from the hospital. it\’s good to know about habitat for humanity, b/c his parents also need to redo the house. thanks for everything you\’ve written.candice

  9. Hi Kenny, My name is Diane I have a friend who is a low paraplegic and he has taught me a lot about SCI. Through him I found two organizations that help SCI patients and raise money for SCI research and to help with medical bills for SCI patients. The organization Gridiron Heroes is based in Texas and raises money for atheletes who suffered spinal injuries during high school football games in Texas. The organization was founded by Chris Canales and his father Chris became a low quadriplegic during a football game. The other organization Life Rolls On was founded by surfer Jesse Billauer who became a quadriplegic after a surfing accident. His foundation raises money that goes toward SCI research. Anyone reading this please visit these websites and to learn more about these courgeous organizations and indivduals there is also information about donations and support for each organization. Kenny I hope you visit these websites Jesse Billauer is very inspirational man and maybe you can contact him. Kenny if you ever need anything or someone to talk to you please email me at Your are in my prayers and I love your blog you speak from your heart and you have spoken to me many times in your blog.

  10. I\’ve been reading Kenny\’s blog and agree with all of you that he is an amazing writer. I\’ve not seen any suggestions for persons with disabilities to contact their local Center for Independent Living. 1 in five americans is a person with a disability. CIL\’s are contact points for any and all questions, such as housing, rehabilitation grants, funding for home services, vocational rehab, etc, for persons with disabilities. Find your CIL by checking here: CIL I work for

  11. psalm46v10@msn.comChristina,regarding you post about assistance for your daugthers’ tuition…You may want to try out or, to crow1961 – It has been my experience that this is a big concern for people with disabilities, and there are few, if any, organizations that deal with this specific issue. Having explored this subject extensivelyfor the past several months, and spoken to a few key players, assistance in this are may soon be forthcoming.I will echo Kenny in saying your voice and vote matter! Only you know what is important – let us know. There are many of us who will act upon it.To ICE_STORM28 – just a recommendation to check with your state\’s department of health – disability services. If they can not provide one for you, which will most likely be the case. They will certainly point you to a local contractor who can do the job. As someone else had posted, there are a variety of ramps, ranging from 2,500 – $5,000 ofcourse these prices vary from state to state, contractor to contractor.

  12. I could not post it to Kenny\’s blog since I don\’t havea MSN account…  I\’m not sure yet that I want to connectwith MSN.So… there is one way you can help, besides passing on the name of the website – DisabledCommunity.Org onto your friends and those in need.   Is there a chance that you could post this message to Kenny\’s Blog?  That would be helpful.  Also you could let Kenny know that I\’ve added him to DisabledCommunity.Org under: Information/VeryImportantPeople.Message to pass on to Kenny\’s website:Hi,I haven\’t been working for a while because of a spinal injury.  I have chronic pain from a car accident.I just qualified for Social Security DisabilityI have been organizing a disability website to be a "one stop shop" for a few years now. Check it out at and see if it is close to the "one stop shop" that has been discussed on Kenny\’s blog.I created the website because it was difficult for meto find information about my disability. I knew that Ihad the skills to create a website and a background inlibraries and information technology and  I knew if I was having problems finding the information that I needed thenothers with less skills in these areas would have an evenmore difficult time finding the resources that they neededto live a higher quality of life.I am working on reorganizing the website (currentlyaround 3800 links).  I haven\’t received any grants oradvertising money for the website. It has been a work of love. I have a dream for DisabledCommunity.Org.  My idea is tohave those individuals with disabilities "adopt" the sectionof DisabledCommunity.Org that has to do with their own disability.  So that each disability category would have a "mentor" or human contact for others with similar disabilities.(Similar to what Kenny is doing with his blog, just a littledifferent.  There is a similar concept with other websites, where people are "experts" of a subject matter.  The thing is I don\’t think with a disability any individual can\’t bean "expert" but perhaps a helpmate of sorts.If anyone out there is interested in working on this type of project let me know.  I could use some help and with the wonders of technology we could all live thousands of miles apart and make it appear like we are all in the same room volunteeringtogether.Contact me at if you are interested.

  13. CHRISTINA says:

    Annon – Thank you, looks promising. I was listening to KWAVE this morning (Saturday) and I heard about this website that was set up to help our military get jobs. This older couple had the idea of setting up this website initially, for the Camp Pendleton Marines, where they live. Well, this thing just exploded and now, six months after its start, it is now available to every military branch in the U.S. It\’s there for the men and women who are serving and also for their spouses. One day odd jobs like yard work, painting a room, cleaning a house to part-time jobs to full time jobs from different companies. It\’s the coolest thing … if you look at the \’one day job listings\’ and look over at the wage section, it\’ll say ex: 15$ per hour plus lunch and gas money. That is beautiful! Anyway, I thought you might know someone who needed to hire or someone who needs the work Here\’s the address. God Bless You!Christina

  14. Hi all, sorry I have been down a few days..Lori, Please email me back, I saw yor site, I can help hun..Patti.. Who Loves ya darlin.. :-*{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{hugs Kenny hope today is a good day }}}}}}}}}}}}}say hi to Mark, He sure is a good guy!{{{{{{{{{{{Lisa }}}}}}}}}}}}} I need you to send me that Number for you again Please, Unless you still have Mine.. argg ;=)*Ice Storm, click my name and email me, if those links did not help..{ THEY ARE PORTABLE} not fixed, In case you move, or must travel, vary i weight sie ext, hence the price diff…. the contractors are a sticky law hastle.. ( Perm Built ) Alps3day, still looking forward to hearing from You, I emailed last week..Candice, write me if you need to know more about the aditional Habitat info, or just check my page..The CIL Use dto be a Great Place to go as did MANY OTHERS, It is still listed on my site, however, most of the time when you do get ahold of these places, they tell you they are out of funds, they cannot help, or that you make TOO MUCH MONEY.. it\’s been a rough road this past 15+ years in the system..WTG, CHRITSINANeighbor and ANNON two more Great Links, and that One from Christina is for EMPLYING disabled people woohoo Great Job..Ty Check that one out too, and let me know about the house and you and your breother please{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{hugs you angels}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}write or stop by anytime~!~ Callie ~!~

  15. I look at your pictures and think….WOW….this guy has done such amazing things in his life.The wrestling, the skiing, the camping, the waterskiing….the trips, the fun.So many people have never done such things….never felt what it was like to do that perfect flip in the water,or to win a match after a long battle….feelings many of the people who read your site will NEVER experience – no matter how \’able\’ we are.I\’m no bible-thumper, but I have to say that, while we as humans have control over what we do in our lives, and that accidents do happen, I believe God weaves tiny miracles into our lives, so that despite how low we may sink, despite how "broken" we become, there are things out there that will carry us through, and while we may not understand, we can take some comfort from.Keep being a hopeless romantic – keep being philosophical – keep honoring those who stand by you. But also, from time to time, keep getting mad, keep regretting, keep screaming….because that\’s what makes us all human. You can\’t appreciate the sunshine unless you\’ve had a little rain…and while in your life it\’s pretty much poured these last months, know that sunshine is coming again….Hugs from Labrador,Theresa

  16. Latest photo assignment on veterans and military has led me to some extensive research. Found interesting site that may be of assistance to Quad\’s, Para\’s and other traumatic injuries 9as he is additionally inspirational and speaks at rehabilitation facilities, Fortune 500 Companies and even the President -Skip Wilkins\’ story and life is inspirational – see bio and related sites if interested -definately a mentor worth contacting: Hope his information is helpful. My best -patti

  17. September 12PLEASE VISIT THIS SITEPlease visit Kris -she is in the hospital and waiting for a donor transplant. she could use some support and visits. 

  18. Hello Kenny, I posted a comment earlier today, but am unsure as to whether it reached it\’s final destination (you – obviously) due to my incompetence with my computer…oh yeah and my motor skills. I too am a \’professional cripple\’, you ought to check out my resume! Life as I knew it ended on a lazy thursday afternoon in mid-summer of 1999, needless to say it was very humbling. Nothing romantically tragic, simply bad genes and my mothers distain for any type of prenatal care combined with my compulsion to push my body to it\’s limits through extreme sports and other activities that come with the \’Do Not Try This at Home\’ label. So now, instead of me enjoying being the head chef and owner of a 5 star restuarant and catering company, I spend much of my time arguing with the agent at the airline counter about the size of my wheelchair…..which brings me to my \’problem\’. * I\’ve a large (Christopher Reeves type) chair that is currently enjoying the lovely weather of Hawaii – without one vital, I\’d go so far as to say essential, piece… ME ! I am currently having it stored at ABBA Wheelchairs in Honolulu. The last time that I flew internationally from Australia to the USA (March of 2004) there was no indication of any problems – it was just a routine layover/transfer. The airline went through all the proper motions; they pre-boarded both my daughter and myself, made sure that I wasn\’t seated in the emergency exit area, confirmed that all of the many extra carry-on bags really were full of medical supplies and medications (just in case I was thumbing my nose at the \’2 carry-ons per person\’ rule by smuggling on my own inflight snacks or something), etc. Imagine my suprise/shock/distress at the other end of my flight when it became obvious that something was VERY wrong. Long after everyone else had disembarked, been met by loved ones and collected their baggage, my daughter and I continued to wait for my chair to be brought to the plane…it never came. Upon discovering that the airline had "decided" my chair would not be necessary to me at the other end of the flight(perhaps they are accustomed to mid-air miracle cures?) and that it had been left back in Honolulu, without either my knowledge or my consent, I ended up being told that I could simply \’pick it back up\’ on my return flight. The only glitch in this, other then the fact that I now needed to obtain a wheelchair before being able to even leave the airport, was that they failed to recognize I held a one-way ticket! Needless to say, I am without my electric wheelchair, which means that I am not only a prisoner within my own body, but also a prisoner within my own home! I am in the process of having a wheelchair ramp built. Obviously I\’d thought that I\’d have my chair back before now, but I have reached a dead end. I\’ve contacted the airline, my insurance, all of the contacts provided me by my local Center for Independent Living, local churches, et cetera without any success. I do not have the funds to have it shipped (SSI never made anybody rich) by cargo fleet. The irony of it is that it would actually cost less to fly to Hawaii and pick up my chair…..but I fear that it would again by \’forgotten\’, even though I have been reassured by numerous airlines that it would be awaiting me at my final destination this time. Any suggestions, references, links, etc. that you may have would certainly be welcome and appreciated. My e-mail is included with this novel and I would enjoy hearing back from you if you are so inclined. For it is a rare pleasure to encounter another person – that is living a "Before & After" – who staunchly refuses to sacrifice their sense of humour, their right to be angry/sad/bitter just like everybody else, someone else who screams to the world "I\’M DISABLED…NOT DEAD!", somebody who recognizes and reserves the right to LIVE instead of merely existing. I am my own inspiration, I did not discount my many blessings before my disability and I certainly don\’t discount them now, I am a single parent by choice not circumstance and a damn fine one, I can\’t recall ever wondering "Why me?", I read daily before becoming disabled I just read a LOT more now, and I continue to travel when the opportunity arises. I just can\’t do the extra stuff – like cliff diving, mountain climbing, sking, etc. anymore….well, I can but only in vivid 3-D, techni-color, so-real-I-can-taste-the-salt-from-my-sweat dreams that leave me feeling both exhilirated and cheated at the same time. I feel no pity, either for myself or for you. I reckon I needed to slow down a bit anyways.Bethany

  19. oops somehow I messed up the address below: to visit Kris in the hospital try this link –

  20. This isn\’t about needing money. It\’s about needing legal information. Yes, I\’ve done research only to find nothing. I live in Canada and I was wondering what the laws are about life support. If requiring intubation to live qualifies at life support, and if you can be taken off intubation (killing you) if you choose to do so. And if they\’re is something you can sign to make sure doctors know this is your wishes. I have a C-1 SCI, and if I become paralyzed from it (this could still happen) I wont be able to breathe or talk, I need doctors to know my wishes before and if this happens. If anyone knows the information could you please tell me. Thank you

  21. I am the parent of a 17 year old vent dependent quad. We want to keep him living with us at home to allow him to finish his senior year of high school, but can not get the help we need to do so. He\’s allowed 24 hour nursing care, we just can\’t get it. There are several "reasons" – read excuses – given by the agencies involved. Cody has a webpage where I have shared a lot of our issues. Basically, our frustration lies with the agencies that can\’t seem to get their act together, the administrative costs, etc. associated with his care, and the complete and total waste of taxpayer money. Any suggestions, support, personal experiences, etc. would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks! Aunt B

  22. Kenny, this is a pretty cool website, and since it relates to mine I\’ll hope you\’ll link me. I\’m Kirsten and a Law student with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (a Muscular Dystrophy) and I know that a lot of people with seriously phyisically-debilitating health issues often don\’t or can\’t live up to their education and career potentials because of the challenges they face. I would like to see this changed, and before I work on a solution, (legislative changes/a non-profit organization/awareness/etc) I would like to gather more information from more people than I know personally. I want to know what people want to do with their lives, what they can and cannot do in the meantime, challenges they face, and how they have overcome them or what help they need. I\’d like as many people to give their input as possible.The blog to visit is <a href="">DisabilitySolutions.</a&gt; Thanks for helping me get this off the ground!

  23. Well, I\’m not sure how many people are stopping by here regularily as compared to the blog comment section on main page, but well, tonight is tough for some reason. I had a brain injury 7 years ago and i\’m doing well, really I am grateful for what I have, but sometimes out of nowhere it feels hard. I don\’t mean to ask an inappropraite question – How do you all cope with the hard times? I ask this from the heart and don\’t mean to offend or pry or be too personal. I could use some suggestions. Sometimes I feel like I have a good perspective and sometimes it just gets hard. Maybe I\’m exhausted. Just wondered what others do or how they get out of the rut of negativity or the overwhelming-ness of it all. Thanks -patti

  24. I found an article on…Treatment Helps Paralyzed Man Walk

  25. Ohhmy goshh you all, I am so sorry, I haven\’t been getting many emaeils lately from here, just the Katrina…I AM HERE I AM HERE..Melissa, Bethany, Kirsten and AUnt B, tried to get to you through the web sites,m, hope you write me, I have HELP…You all Please do get back to me…{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ Hugs to Kenny }}}}}}}}}}}}}Hugs to patti Lori Ty chritsen, everyone I have come in contact with here.. Glad we can be of help to each other..My resources have BOOMED over the last Month, that\’s why I have been so busy..I have More, HATS, to put on my label list..Found ut we can have certain specialist do our CHAIR Specialites before we get them, to make sure we get the Proper ones before we are PLOPED INTO THEM..Especially with SCI, and combo illness\’alot of links that are being posted here, are on my pages…and these pages are being updated regularly..Lori has the Best comprehensive web page…I have many many helpful sites and services on my sites for anyone with disabilites who need help, services, informatio or support..feel free to email me at Calliehuggles<at> if you need specfic help….I can call US and CanadaHelp and services.. Know your Rights… Hat Club ( Information about many disabilites and Illnesses.. ) Home Page~!~ Let Your Positive Voices Be Heard ~!~ {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ Huggles }}}}}}}}}}}}}}} Blessings one and all….Feel free to email me for any questions or help you may need… it\’s easiet to include your zip code…phone numbers help too, it\’s easier for me to use a phone because of my own disabilites..ACM1/EDS/SCI/TMI/FIBRO/Degenerative disc disease.. the list is HUGE…

  26. I have a question and I have posted it before. I am looking for a website for people who have had someone in their family or close commit suicide can anyone help me? If you can please email me.

  27. Hi Kenny!!!Here is a link you and all your readers should really check out!! Volunteers are needed for a drug study for SCI patients., I was wondering if you (and all your readers too) could visit Dangerwood sometime and maybe give some feedback? We are in the process of expanding and promoting it and could use your talents!!

  28. sexyfirefightergirl692 You have mail,,,,Bethany You are SOO much more than that an YOU KNOW better, YOU need to talk to Here is a link you and all your readers should really check out!! Volunteers are needed for a drug study for SCI patients., I was wondering if you (and all your readers too) could visit Dangerwood sometime and maybe give some feedback? We are in the process of expanding and promoting it and could use your talents!! Published By Vivaladiva5 – November 14 2:01 AM Dangerwood is on my page…. MANY OF THE DRUG STUDIES THOUGH WARNING WARING THOUGH.. are for NEW INJURY!!!Colin May be able to find some hel0p there becuase of his alternative therapy GO COLLIN =)but please beware readers of the STUDIES, and INFORM YOURSELF or have your families check into them for you…for spinal cord inuries and Much More…the Very best ones are listed on my page… in the SCI Spinal Cord Injury section…Best wishes one and all…Please feel free to write, Sub , Re Help neededCalihun<at> if I can do anything my msn mail is messing up{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Blessings to all }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}callie

  29. my favorite site for spinal cord injuries is pretty good stuff. well young and i have a screwed up mind i guess you could say… im somewhere on the edge of being emo i guess. trying to find myself but i keep screwing up. going from the sluts to the nobodys the the smart ppl to freaks and back to nobodys.trying to fit in with a bunch of country people.the guy i love hate me and even went out with a girl i wanted him to chew out. and he has a bone disease he wouldnt tell me avout and i hadda figure out about it from a teacher who hates meand i criedand he didnt care and wont talk to me.and now i feel like i treated him like shit and was an annoying kid to him. i know im four years younger but does he know that im mature in the mind??idk.

  30. Hey Kenny I was in myspace today and found this guy coincedently, anyway he has this website called so I thought about you.. Heres a link to his space ~J

  31. this website is in italian with the english translation. it is addressed to people whose brother or sister has Down\’s Syndrome or other best friend said that it was helpful for her!

  32. Hey Kenny, A friend of mine sent me the link to your site.   Quite nice.  I am very happy too see your doing pretty good.  SCI\’s are tough. On anyone, but a young man like you just starting his adult life, something i am sure you looked forward too must suck.   I am a lady in Texas who by the grace of God replied to a ad in paper for a Caregive postion , <2 hours a day for a young man, same age as you.  I was hired, simply love helping him 5 days a week just 2 hours in the a.m. Its made me see this is what i think i was meant too do.  Him and his family are so good too me. and honestly i needed what they were looking for, more then them needing me.
    Your music, well i shall stay away from my comments for they might be rude….You take care kiddo. ann

  33. go to every mans voice space

  34. Why are you broken?  You can be as blessed as Donald Trump  but if you dont have the tools to seek out your solution then you are stuck. I think the real problem is still inside you. They say if something inside you makes you feel uncomfortable then you have the answer there as well. Go to the space I provided above and lets talk away from the viewing eyes if you think I can help you.  If not I wish you well.
    Spokeperson A

  35. hi ,i am a Chinese girl,呵呵~~你的help center 似乎帮不了我什么忙哦~ER~~!

  36. …….

  37. Unknown says:

    I stopped by this blog previously leaving a message about my film.I\’m an independent filmmaker,so I\’m not rich or anything.However my objective is to rais funds for the disabled community.If anyone is interested in holding afundraising screening of our award winning film called The Goal,we are willing to screen the film for free,and then sell dvd\’s to benefit a non profit group to buy chairs,shower chairs,etc.
    there are many ways to do this fundraiser.If anyone is interestd please visit our website and send us an email.
    In the email tell us what your need is,and your situation,and what type of setting would be available .Example:A church,theater,?Our film will be in theaters later this year ,but we are setting up  special screenings currently.
    Hope to hear from you all soon.
    Darla Rae

  38. I usually don\’t reveal this, as it seems to make most people run away. Well they were already "away," but this seems to  seal that deal…when I reveal I\’m isolated, at times lonely, and need some friends in my life. It\’s been many years since I had friends. Suddenly they all disappeared and nobody stepped in to fill the gap and befriend me. It must be my karma; but still, I reach out here. I wish a few people would visit my blog and comment and leave their URLs.  Thank you if anyone does, and thank you Kenny, for providing this outlet for those asking and giving help…I love your writings, BTW… my Windows Live Spaces URL is

  39. are you kidding me?! says:

    Chicken Soup for the Special Needs Community
     Do you have heart-warming, insightful and powerfully moving stories about what life has taught you and how to live life to its fullest? The authors of the New York Times Best-selling book series Chicken Soup for the Soul are currently seeking stories to be included in a new book tentatively titled Chicken Soup for the Special Needs Community: 101 heartwarming, helpful, healing stories that offer inspiration and promise surrounding the lives of special needs individuals. Through these stories, the readers learn how others facing similar challenges can learn to overcome the many obstacles they have.  They do this by connecting with emotions in the real life experience by learning they can choose peace and happiness in each situation regardless of how challenging it appears from the outside.
     Now you have an opportunity to contribute to this new series by sharing your strength, insights, knowledge and wisdom.
    What makes a good Chicken Soup story?
    A Chicken Soup story is an inspirational, true story that opens the heart and re-kindles the spirit. It is the personal account of an event, an obstacle overcome, a lesson learned or a dream fulfilled that helps the reader discover basic principles they can use in their own lives.
    Some of the topics we will include are:
    1) On Attitude:  This chapter contains stories about the powerful healing that takes place through the deep and meaningful transition from denial to final positive attitudinal acceptance while learning a loved one has special needs whether they are a newborn child or a lifetime occurrence.
    2) Family Dynamics:  This chapter contains stories that demonstrate the healing power a family has towards a special needs loved one through love, patience, understanding and relentless hope that parents, siblings and extended family share.3) Early Learning:  This chapter contains heartwarming and compassionate stories of the early intervention school years while many children are engrossed in intense therapies.  They are shared through the perspective of the many teachers, whether they are in the schools or even the parents that teach them through home schooling. 4) The Teen Years: This chapter contains stories around the challenges teens face going through puberty and teen years such as body changes, boyfriends and girlfriends, learning to drive, life decisions and going through the many emotional challenges that they face.   
    5) On Friendships and Relationships This chapter contains stories of heroic acts and very meaningful, caring relationships peers develop and the lessons that they learn from one another.  There are stories of bullying, protection, support and empowerment, where the centers of our hearts are opened up.6) Celebrating Differences: This chapter celebrates the gifts and phenomenal wonder many people with special needs bring the world such as incredible music, brilliant minds, artwork and many other talents they offer to the world.  It\’s about finding the good in every person regardless of the challenges they may face.7) Humor is Healing: This chapter promotes the popular saying "Laughter is the best medicine." It contains stories that show the healing power of humor, from simply silly to gut wrenching hilarious allowing us to see the lighter side of each situation regardless of the severity.8) Adulthood:  This chapter contains stories of special needs individuals after the age of 21 when oftentimes the regular means of support are no longer in place.  It explores issues like employment, group home placements, volunteerism and family living arrangements.
    9) Transitions: This chapter contains stories about the strength, courage and understanding a special needs person faces and must learn how to embrace when losing a loved one.  It also goes through situations surrounding aging and what happens next in their lives.
    10) Empowering Everyone: This chapter contains stories about the circle of support surrounding a special needs person during their lifetime.  These loving, caring, supporting people are what life is all about.  The old adage "It takes a village to raise a child" encapsulates this chapter perfectly!
    We are looking for "teaching tales" that inspire the reader to draw their own conclusions and insights from the story itself.
    If you have a story you would like to submit, please email your stories to
    We look forward to receiving your story and thank you for reading Chicken Soup for the Soul®.
    Chicken Soup for the Soul

  40. I broke my neck in 1994 jumping out of a tree (I was 12). I snapped my neck at the C4 vertabrae and have a plate with screws and wire. I was lucky to have a rarely large space between my spinal chord and my vertabrae or else I could be paralyzed or might have died. Of course this has changed me to be the person I am today. It has been 12 years since then (Nov 12) and there is not a day I don\’t think about it (or the pain my neck still causes) but I am thankful that I can walk, be normal, and be alive.
    Anyway, I came upon your blog on today, and I am from Washington. I loved the pics of Lake Roosevelt. Beautiful. I want to help. I just am not sure how.

  41. Because you\’re willing to do the physical, allow God to do the rest for you.
    Try MONAVIE.  It is a functional beverage that contains one of the number one superfoods in the world as it\’s main ingredient.
    Allow MONAVIE to nourish your body so it can repair itself.  It contains 19 different fruits and is extremely high in antioxidents.


  42. RE Air mattress. There are cheap air mattresses, for around 200 dollars. They come with a pump and a system of 2 rows of air cells. One row inflates for 10 minutes, then deflates as the other row inflates. This constantly changes pressure. Have used for my daughter for years. Only problem has been cat with sharp claws. Sigh. E mail me for web sources if you need to, but I was able to grt the last set at a big local drug store.   Bob Devault.

  43. Please go into the website and type in "search this site"  paralysis.  There is some fantastic stuff here and give it a try–you have nothing to loose–no side effects–no drugs–no surgery.  I cannot still believe all it has helped me with–pretty close to a miracle.  Ann

  44. KAPPRISHA says:

    hey kenny i dont know if you remember me this is kaprisha just thought id say hey and see how you were doing i was a caregiver for you once but anyways i just got a minute to finally read all of your stories! my gosh you are amazing! but anyways dont be a stranger write to me sometime! hope to hear from you soon kaprisha

  45. Hello..My first time.  Quick lowdown…Husband in auto accident 2004, started out a para, then lots of illnesses and developments and now…he is a c3 Quad with a cuffed trac. I am taking care of him at home…no nursing homes ever!  His room is like ICU, we have no money, I try to work, but seems I am always with some urgent care need….   He is coming home monday from another bout with pneumonia. My problem:  I have been using a baby monitor at night when we sleep to hear him if he has any need, but know he has to be cuffed (Trac) at night and he losses the ability to speak.  I have searched the web and find lots of places with, I think, great equipment for great amounts of money.  I don\’t know what or how any of it works and then, is there special grant places I can apply to pay for it?  He can only move his head, so sip and puff, head touch things, etc ..I really don\’t know.  Also, we have no Van, so he only transports with the local Transit system just for medical visits,  so he is home always.  He has no "equipment" to change the TV station, move his bed, voice control to even use his laptop so………..he just depends on me for everything and I know he feels depressed and has heavy anixeity.  Does anyone know where I can go to get some of this equipment, somebody to show us how things work, and last but not least…grants to pay for them.  I just want him to have some kind of life other then just laying in bed, up in the wheelchair twice a day to eat…and thats it.  And for me too.

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