Message Board

Welcome to the crippled answering service… leave a message because I can’t write it down!
That’s at least a little funny… you can laugh


  1. Who is this leech? Seriously, get a life!

  2. Hi Kenny, You don\’t know me – but I have been checking in on you for years. I just want you to know that tomorrow I\’ll be posting a blog about Remarkable people I have observed and met over the years through the wonder of Online Social Networking. The reason I\’m telling you this is because the first remarkable person I had ever observed (by way of your blog) was you. Before then, I had no interest in knowing about blogging… but when I saw how connecting (through blogging) was almost therapy for you and for your readers – I was touched very deeply. I discovered how credible, tangible and meaningful Social networking could be. Your blog inspired me to use social networking (as you did) to reach out and touch people and hopefully make a difference, even if just in my own little special way. You are remarkable human being, and you will be featured in my blog tomorrow as such. Be well, sweet Kenny. 🙂 ~Vonnie

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